Saturday July 14th

Despite some of the most extreme tides of the year this past week, we managed to keep the fishing rods bent and have success with various Sharks including Blacktips, Lemons, Bonnet heads and a few others. The Shrimping fleet remained in port due to the new moon tides, and that kept us from landing the larger 100lb+ sizes that we had become accustomed to the previous weeks. We took a break from the Shark fishing and fished for Spanish Mackerel one morning and caught close to a dozen that provided us with some really fun ultra-lite action. Most were 3-5lbs and while they were a fun diversion from the Sharks, we were really hoping to snag a King Mackerel or several, that would exceed 30lbs or more. Oh well, at least we managed to stay busy and keep everyone entertained in between the unbelievable tidal surges we had to endure. This coming week, the tides return to normal phase, and hopefully the weather stays calm and allows us an opportunity to hook into some Jacks, Possibly a Tarpon, or some more Mackerel. Will also be keeping our fingers crossed that the Shrimp Trawlers return to the nearshore areas and bring with them the huge Beasties that they attract, and that provide so much entertainment for us.  That’s my report and I’m sticking to it.  Tight Lines Ya’ll !

Sunday July 1st

Some really fun action for Sharks both top-water and below. Have been fishing a few miles off the beach most every day and have been catching numerous Blacktip and Spinner Sharks on light spin tackle. There have also been plenty of Lemon and Bull Sharks to go around. While most don’t exceed the 100lb mark, they put on a great show and are perfect for the light gear we are using. I did fish for some Mackerel a few days ago and caught some nice Spanish but the Kings never came my way. I may do that again this week because the next few days it looks as though the ocean will have pond like conditions. Plenty of small Sharks,Whiteing and other miscellaneous stuff for the very young jr. anglers to occupy their time. I wouldn’t be surprised if we crossed paths with some schools of Jacks this week. Id be pleasantly surprised if some Silver Kings showed up on the islands south end. If and when either occurs, I will post it immediately. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable 4th of July holiday. Maybe take a kid fishing before firing up that grill

Saturday June 30th

The past week or better has been pretty much a slam dunk when it comes to steady action. And while it is mostly about Sharks, its still about non-stop action. With pond like ocean conditions, we have spent the majority of our time just off the beach enjoying top water action for Blacktips that can burn up a spinning reel and often do their best Tarpon impersonation. We also caught several Hammerheads that were no slouches either, and a number of nice sized Lemons and Bull Sharks. We tried fishing for King Mackerel one day, but had to settle for a few Spanish Mackerel instead.  The coming week will most likely be about Sharks as well and if the Shrimp boats happen to be out working the waters, then the size of our targets are gonna increase immensely. Maybe a Tarpon will cross our path as well as a school of Jacks. Its the ocean, and you just never know what’s gonna show up