October 28th

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I stayed off the water today and licked my wounds from yesterdays beating. The fishing stunk and I still haven’t got the stench off yet. I reckon that in a couple of days, the winds will be lighter and the new moon tides we have been dealing with the last several days will mellow out and things will get back to normal.  Before this weekends fishing debacle, we managed to get in a couple of trips and did fairly well with nice sized Bull Redfish in the backwater. Its amazing how many Sharks are still in the area because they kept us entertained as well. Well, not as much as the Reds, but still better than a poke in the eye. With cooler waters approaching, the Sharks should all split for warmer waters and be gone by the end of the month. The weather is looking great for the coming week, so lets go wet a line.

Monday October 20th

Only fished several times last week, and for the most part we did ok. By ok I mean a few Bull Reds each trip and a good number of Sharks. With water temps just starting to fall back into the 70’s, the Sharks should begin to hightail it south and stop squeezing out the Redfish. Only a couple of trips come to mind where we have caught Bull Reds in the double digits, but it has primarily been because of weather or tide related events. Lots of wind over the past few weeks that often limit us to where we can fish, yet in comfort. Oh well, I’m gonna hope for light wind and sunny skies over the coming weeks and hopefully we will start to rack up larger numbers of fish and be able to cover more territory during our search. Have a Blessed week !

Tuesday October 9th

We had some very nice weather last week, actually a little to warm for my liking this time of year, but considering the weather we are about to experience for the next couple of days, it was a beautiful week to wet a line. We had multiple trips with multiple catches of Bull Redfish and plenty of action on the smaller Sharks such as Blacktips, Bonnet heads, and Bulls. Large whiting along with croaker and pinfish kept us extremely busy on the ultra lite spin tackle.  With hurricane Michael sliding by us over the next few days, most anglers will stay chained to the dock. By the end of the week and certainly by this weekend, the weather looks to be gorgeous, and the fishing should return to normal, and hopefully be even better as the water slowly begins to cool down from the low 80’s into the 70’s. Cooler water will really help the Redfish bite over the coming weeks. It also makes it more comfortable for anglers. Yep, the next 3-5 are some of the best weeks to be out on the water, and it has always been my favorite  time of the year to wet a line.  If you wanna give it a go, give me a holler.