Tuesday September 17

The last couple of weeks have been great for surfing. Fishing not so much. I haven’t wet a line since the day of Hurricane Dorian’s mandatory evacuation. Just lot of days of surf from two named storms in back to back weeks. I do have a couple of trips this week and I’m not sure exactly what we will be targeting. With water temps at a balmy 84degrees, I’m not sure if there will be many Bull Reds to be had. Most assuredly the Sharks ain’t leaving our area any time soon. Not with all the baitfish that I’ve seen being chased around in the surf. I saw several large Sharks just outside the surf zone as well as a couple of Tarpon free jumping. Lots of predaceous activity for sure which means our area is definitely loaded with a food source. I will update the report by the end of this coming weekend and have a more updated “fishing” report to share. Tight Lines Y’all.