Tuesday Oct. 15th

Not all fishing news is bad nor good. Its just what it is. This past week saw beautiful weather, a good tide and moon phase. What we didn’t expect was so many toothy friends. Great White non withstanding, we caught nearly every Shark that inhabits the local waters between May and October. However, usually by early October, most have left for warmer waters southward to follow their food source. With near record high temps over the last several weeks, our water temps have held well into the balmy 80+deg range. These Sharks aint going anywhere till this water cools, which should occur by this coming weekend. Between the impenetrable gauntlet of Sharks, some nice Bull Reds ranging from 18-30lbs have managed to slip past and provide us with some fun action. Over the next couple of weeks, the fishing rolls will reverse action, with the Redfish holding down the fort and keeping the spoils all to themselves. The mullet run and cooler waters are about to provide the area with some Redfish action that visitors and local anglers look forward to every year. Oh well, better late than never.