Thursday July 16th

I am sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with my weekly reports this month, but I just am so busy that I haven’t had the time. Not much in the way of fishing so much as Sharking. The past few weeks have been spent top-water surface baiting for Large Blacktip, Bull and Lemon Sharks. It is the next best thing to have on the end of your line other than a Tarpon. And boy, some put on a great Tarpon impersonation. We have caught a few Spanish Mackerel live baiting a few miles off the beach, but the Mackerel bite is just not that consistent or good. Im hoping to see a school of Jacks in the next morning or so during the high tide at sunrise, but if not, I know they will be here in numbers soon enough. I am not fishing for Redfish till after Labor Day cause it’s just to much work in this heat. And besides, once September hits, I will be fishing for them exclusively thru the new year. If you like airborne Sharks and listening to reels peel out line wicked fast, then lets get out on the water. Everyone stay safe, look out for one another, and if the opportunity arises, take a kid fishing!