Saturday August 15th

This past week was really good. Way better than the previous week where we struggled just to find bait, much less find some action. The bait was thick and in large amounts that were easy to net and proved essential for our needs. While the nearshore reefs are still void of Mackerel, it was of no concern to us. The Shrimp trawlers were hard at work the entire week and we utilized them to our full advantage. Large 4-6ft Blacktips with most topping the 100lb mark were chewing on every top water bait we would put out and the aerial show that would ensue was remarkable by most standards. Lines would be peeling off the reels and double hook-ups with Sharks jumping multiple times in opposite directions was the norm. I’ve said it before, it is the next best thing to Tarpon fishing we experience around here, and in some ways better, cause the fight is not as long and you can possibly get a dozen hook-ups in a half day trip. I’m keeping fingers crossed that it continues into next week and longer. While there have been a few big Reds caught in some areas, I will wait for water temps to cool before we start targeting them. The reason being that when we do start fishing for them, it wont be a matter of if we catch, but how many, and that is still a month or so away until water temps drop from the high 80’s. Enjoy your day and lets all continue to look out for one another. Tight Lines!

August 7th

1rst of all I’d to say, Thank God it’s Friday, cause it means this lousy week of fishing is in our rearview mirrors. Large and Fun surf greeted us Sunday and Monday from the tropical depression that brushed by us. Unfortunately a major side effect to having great waves was churned up water the color of a toilet bowl, and fish and bait dispersed to who the hell knows where. Even the Shrimp boats that provide constant action with triple digit size acrobatic Sharks were woefully slow, with only a few breaking the 100lb plus barrier. As we head into the weekend, I’m optimistic that stars, planets, weather and water will realign and conditions improve. Gotta keep hope alive. Right? Especially during these times. Hope everyone has a Blessed weekend and we all continue to look out for one another and help and assist those less fortunate. And of course, take a kid fishing.