October 20th

Last week started out really good with several days of Bull Redfish action as well as fun sized Sharks. As the week progressed, the new moon tides kicked in and made fishing difficult. By the weekend the 10ft+ tide levels had made a tough situation pretty much impossible so I took the weekend, as well as the last couple of days off. Water is gonna be a bit muddy and there will most likely be some debris floating around, but the fishing should get better and back to normal by the end of the week. Oh yeah, there is a tropical storm off our coast, but that just means we will fish around the low tide then surf the high water. I prefer Redfishing in the condensed low tide water off the sandbars anyway. We’ll see what happens.

Monday October 13th

Well, the news ain’t all bad. We’re catching Sharks, albeit smaller ones, on every trip. We are also landing Big Redfish on every trip, but not in great numbers. In other words, Most Sharks have headed offshore, while a few are still lingering about. The Reds are trickling in, but not in the great numbers that we usually see by this time of year. It’s all about water temps right now, and the rest of the week looks hot and humid. Not your typical October weather that’s for sure. Cooler weather by the weekend, but new moon king tides will be in affect as well. Pretty to look at, but not helpful for fishing. Keeping fingers crossed the rest of the week. Ya’ll stay safe and remember that while we can have our differences, while still remaining friends. Tight Lines!