April 12th We spent a lot of time on the water this past week, and while we caught some nice fish and saw plenty of action, things slowed down toward the weekend. Earlier in the week we were rewarded with a few nice Bull Redfish each trip as well as some fun sized Sharks. By midweek we were still picking away at the Reds as well as some Sharks, but the Reds dissapeared by the weekend and we were left to play with Sharks and some miscellaneous species. Oh well, the weather was awesome and considering our water temps, I have no complaints. With water temps slowely climbing, we can expect to see baitfish start to come in as well as a few more larger species that will be on their heels. The tides for next week are gonna be pretty to look at, but by next weekend they will be some of the highest levels of the year and it will not help the fishing cause. Hopefully we can get a few licks in before next weekend. The weather looks dicey for the early part of the week and hopefully we can squeeze a few trips in between storms. (I dont fish in thunderstorms) Anyway, there is your report for this past week. Feel free to check out our facebook page for some of the highlights and to give us a call if your interested in wetting a line.

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