Tuesday February 25

I hope everyone’s year is off to a good start, and that wherever you wet a line this year, the payoff will be huge. The boat is currently in dry dock and is getting a major refurbishing for the coming season. With 30 plus years on the water, the Mako needs to be shown a little love and appreciation in order for her to return the favor over the coming seasons. Starting with a new engine, new console, shaded T-top, the list goes on. Unfortunately, these upgrades are time consuming and many other procedures are dependent on weather conditions. Basically what I’m saying, is that there is no set date for the Mako to be splashed and fishing. With a little luck we should be out on the water and hooking-up by mid March. I believe that patience in this process, and not hurrying or cutting corners, is best for the long-term fishing future. Even if it means the start of our fishing is a little later than years past. I will have an update in a couple of weeks. If you are looking to fish over the next few weeks, feel free to give me a call and I will put you in touch with a guide who can assist you. There are several captains whom I know well and respect, and will be able to show you and yours a good time. Thanks for checking me out, and I hope you have a blessed day!

Tuesday November 19th

I apologize for the time between fishing updates. The weather for the last couple of weeks has been terrible with wind, rain a cold spells. aka,not pleasant. It looks like warming temps and lighter wind for next week though, and I should have a new fuel tank installed by this coming weekend to replace the one that sprung a leak about 2 weeks ago. I didn’t miss much good fishing, but the expense is another story. Redfish, Trout, as well as some Blackdrum will be the targeted species. The water temps are right where we want them, and if Mother Nature cooperates, we should get a few nice ones and then some. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

Tuesday Oct. 15th

Not all fishing news is bad nor good. Its just what it is. This past week saw beautiful weather, a good tide and moon phase. What we didn’t expect was so many toothy friends. Great White non withstanding, we caught nearly every Shark that inhabits the local waters between May and October. However, usually by early October, most have left for warmer waters southward to follow their food source. With near record high temps over the last several weeks, our water temps have held well into the balmy 80+deg range. These Sharks aint going anywhere till this water cools, which should occur by this coming weekend. Between the impenetrable gauntlet of Sharks, some nice Bull Reds ranging from 18-30lbs have managed to slip past and provide us with some fun action. Over the next couple of weeks, the fishing rolls will reverse action, with the Redfish holding down the fort and keeping the spoils all to themselves. The mullet run and cooler waters are about to provide the area with some Redfish action that visitors and local anglers look forward to every year. Oh well, better late than never.

Tuesday September 17

The last couple of weeks have been great for surfing. Fishing not so much. I haven’t wet a line since the day of Hurricane Dorian’s mandatory evacuation. Just lot of days of surf from two named storms in back to back weeks. I do have a couple of trips this week and I’m not sure exactly what we will be targeting. With water temps at a balmy 84degrees, I’m not sure if there will be many Bull Reds to be had. Most assuredly the Sharks ain’t leaving our area any time soon. Not with all the baitfish that I’ve seen being chased around in the surf. I saw several large Sharks just outside the surf zone as well as a couple of Tarpon free jumping. Lots of predaceous activity for sure which means our area is definitely loaded with a food source. I will update the report by the end of this coming weekend and have a more updated “fishing” report to share. Tight Lines Y’all.

Thursday August 29th

A great action filled past 10 days with nice sized Sharks ranging in the 60-200lb+ range have kept us entertained and worn out. Shrimping season is in full swing and with that being said, the Sharks that follow the trawlers around have been extraordinarily hungry and active. Lots of topwater action for Blacktips as well as a few Lemons, and some incredibly large Bull Sharks that basically drag us around after we hook into them. Very consistent action for those with strong arm and back strength. The nearshore reef has been void of topwater action for what seems like forever, so we have been going to where the action is. We did fish a few backwater spots because of wind and weather conditions a couple of days ago and caught a handful of small Redfish and Blackdrum. They were small in size and the pinfish were quite a nuisance. This will change over the coming weeks with cooler water ahead. The inshore fishing will heat up, and within a month or so, the Large Bull Reds will be making an appearance in large numbers. Some of the best fishing the island has to offer is right around the corner, if we can just make it thru hurricane season. Speaking of which, Hurricane Dorian is knocking on our door step, and while we don’t wish our Florida and Georgia coastal neighbors any harm, we hope that our island and coastline remains unaffected and no harm comes our way. Our thoughts are always with the folks who do happen to be in the path of destruction. Hope everyone stays safe and that you experience a tight line or two in the coming weeks.

Sunday August 11th

This week was similar to last week, with the Shrimp trawlers providing opportunities for large Shark action, but very little action in the way of other fish. The nearshore reef has been void of quality action for weeks now with only a few Mackerel being caught and some small reef fish on the bottom. As this new moon continues to grow, there may be an uptick in the action throughout the coming days. However, with winds forecasted to be between 10-15mph the next several days, the juice may not be worth the squeeze in heading offshore. We will just monitor the wind and wave heights for the time being. The last couple of days following the trawlers around have provided us with a few Blacktip and Bull Sharks approaching the 300lb range. It isn’t for everybody, but when one witnesses these guys jumping 6ft in the air multiple times, and when you finally bring it along side the boat, it is pretty cool and rewarding. When the Shrimpers haven’t been mowing the lawn we have stayed in the nearshore sandbars a played with a much smaller variety of Sharks that are usually anywhere from 15-40lbs. If I have the very young anglers aboard, we keep them busy as well with a assortment of bottom dwelling fish. Anyway, hope the winds stay light and some more fish begin to bite. Sure would be cool to see a Tarpon or two during these coming early a.m. high tides. Hopefully a good number of Jacks as well. Hope everyone has a great week, and don’t forget to take a kid fishing!

Tuesday August 6th

Sorry for the lack of reports the last couple of weeks. I guess it kinda coincides with the lack of great fishing. The Mackerel bite remains non-existent after several spectacular days the occurred nearly 3 weeks ago. Very tough tides caused by the new moon this past week have even put a damper on the Shark scene. Inconsistent and lacking some real heavy action has been the norm, with the exception of the Shrimp Trawlers and the beasts that follow them. Problem is, the tides have kept the Shrimpers from working, and they have been far and few between. The days we fished along side of them were just very productive and entertaining. This coming week offers some more hope as tides return to normal and the winds fall off by late week. The weather is about to get seasonally warm again and hopefully the fishing action heats back up. Did hook a Tarpon on the blind and enjoyed the 3 to 4 seconds we shared together. A couple more have been jumped in the last day or so, so you never know. Just saying. I will have a new report by late weekend. Tight Lines, and take a kid fishing.

tuesday July 16th

Hottest day of the year, and I’m glad to have taken a day off for the 1rst time in a while. My day off consisted of servicing and tuning the boat up for the 2nd half of the Summer season that’s ahead. The last couple of weeks have been tough because of the extreme new moon tides and the wind field that seems to blow 10-15knotts daily. The Mackerel bite ha been woefully slow to nonexistent. After a couple of weeks with some of the best King and Spanish fishing I’ve seen in years, the bite abruptly shut down and all that was left was Sharks. As far as that bite goes, I would give it a grade of B-. It usually is an A, but the consistency has not been there, and even the reliable Shrimp Trawlers that produce the Megs, have not produce the quantity we expect from them. We did catch a handful of Huge Bulls and some excitable Blacktips that put on a show well above the water line this past week, but hopefully we get back to some variety and more consistency. Will be looking for some Jacks during these high tide mornings and will keep hope alive that a school of Tarpon grace the south end waters sooner than later. Keep Hope Alive!

Sunday July 30

It was a really fun last week, for the most part, until the breeze set in on Thursday. The flat ocean canvas allowed us to spend a morning at a nearshore reef and we stayed busy on ultra-lite tackle for Spanish Mackerel that was fast paced and non-stop. We even hooked a couple of Kings that spooled us within 5 seconds of hook-up. Happens when you bring knife to gunfight. We mostly drifted behind the Shrimp trawlers off Dafauskie island with top-water baits the rest of the week and were rewarded with many double hook-ups on Sharks ranging from 50-100lbs. However, we didn’t catch any of the Bigger Beast that weigh nearly 200lbs, and that was a surprise to me because of all the trawlers stirring things up. This coming week offers more of the same, but with the tides on the increase due to the moon phase, timing will be even more important to successful fishing. Have a Happy and Blessed Holiday week.

Thursday June 20th

Over the last couple of weeks, we have enjoyed some really great trips on the water, despite the ever presence of thunderstorms that have kept us on our toes and glued to the local radar. We fished a nearshore reef several times and stayed busy with top-water action for Spanish Mackerel and even a few Kings. It was really good every trip out there, and reminded me of years past when fishing action was like that nearly everyday at the reef. With shrimp season underway, we have spent many hours drifting behind the trawlers targeting Large Sharks on the surface. While the Shrimpers are busy stocking up on produce for the local restaurants, we are enjoying putting Big Sharks in the air and listening to the reels drags scream. It’s casual fishing, yet filled with exciting moments. For the youngest of anglers, we are catching lots of small Sharks as well as miscellaneous little fish such as Croaker,Blues,Whiteing and others in more sheltered areas with calm water surroundings. There is my report, and the forecast pretty much stays the same as the past couple of weeks, Mother-Nature allowing. Thanks for checking us out.