Sunday November 15th

Rained all week. Rain and gusty winds the week before. Have not wet a line in nearly two weeks. I don’t fish in the rain! The sun has been drying us out for the last couple of days and other than a small cold front that passes by mid week, weather forecast looks good. I wont be fishing this week, but by the start of Thanksgiving week I’ll be fishing. Most likely Bull Reds as well as some smaller Reds and Trout. Hope the weather is beautiful during the holiday week. I’ll have a weather and more precise fishing forecast next weekend. Everyone stay safe and healthy during your travels.

October 20th

Last week started out really good with several days of Bull Redfish action as well as fun sized Sharks. As the week progressed, the new moon tides kicked in and made fishing difficult. By the weekend the 10ft+ tide levels had made a tough situation pretty much impossible so I took the weekend, as well as the last couple of days off. Water is gonna be a bit muddy and there will most likely be some debris floating around, but the fishing should get better and back to normal by the end of the week. Oh yeah, there is a tropical storm off our coast, but that just means we will fish around the low tide then surf the high water. I prefer Redfishing in the condensed low tide water off the sandbars anyway. We’ll see what happens.

Monday October 13th

Well, the news ain’t all bad. We’re catching Sharks, albeit smaller ones, on every trip. We are also landing Big Redfish on every trip, but not in great numbers. In other words, Most Sharks have headed offshore, while a few are still lingering about. The Reds are trickling in, but not in the great numbers that we usually see by this time of year. It’s all about water temps right now, and the rest of the week looks hot and humid. Not your typical October weather that’s for sure. Cooler weather by the weekend, but new moon king tides will be in affect as well. Pretty to look at, but not helpful for fishing. Keeping fingers crossed the rest of the week. Ya’ll stay safe and remember that while we can have our differences, while still remaining friends. Tight Lines!

Saturday Sept 9th

Lots of rain this past week basically kept us chained to the dock. However, my lawn is looking lush and green and ready for a mowing. While I’m looking forward to much cooler weather over the next few days, the winds will be strong and steady and will probably force us to look for Reds and Trout in some of the more protected backwater areas. I usually don’t fish for them until the water temps are well back into the low 70’s, but sometimes you gotta go with the flow. Are area waters are still in the low 80’s, but we’ll see what happens. Oh well, time to go net some Shrimp in order to have some prime live bait. I will update at the end of the week. Everyone be safe and kind to one another.

Saturday August 15th

This past week was really good. Way better than the previous week where we struggled just to find bait, much less find some action. The bait was thick and in large amounts that were easy to net and proved essential for our needs. While the nearshore reefs are still void of Mackerel, it was of no concern to us. The Shrimp trawlers were hard at work the entire week and we utilized them to our full advantage. Large 4-6ft Blacktips with most topping the 100lb mark were chewing on every top water bait we would put out and the aerial show that would ensue was remarkable by most standards. Lines would be peeling off the reels and double hook-ups with Sharks jumping multiple times in opposite directions was the norm. I’ve said it before, it is the next best thing to Tarpon fishing we experience around here, and in some ways better, cause the fight is not as long and you can possibly get a dozen hook-ups in a half day trip. I’m keeping fingers crossed that it continues into next week and longer. While there have been a few big Reds caught in some areas, I will wait for water temps to cool before we start targeting them. The reason being that when we do start fishing for them, it wont be a matter of if we catch, but how many, and that is still a month or so away until water temps drop from the high 80’s. Enjoy your day and lets all continue to look out for one another. Tight Lines!

August 7th

1rst of all I’d to say, Thank God it’s Friday, cause it means this lousy week of fishing is in our rearview mirrors. Large and Fun surf greeted us Sunday and Monday from the tropical depression that brushed by us. Unfortunately a major side effect to having great waves was churned up water the color of a toilet bowl, and fish and bait dispersed to who the hell knows where. Even the Shrimp boats that provide constant action with triple digit size acrobatic Sharks were woefully slow, with only a few breaking the 100lb plus barrier. As we head into the weekend, I’m optimistic that stars, planets, weather and water will realign and conditions improve. Gotta keep hope alive. Right? Especially during these times. Hope everyone has a Blessed weekend and we all continue to look out for one another and help and assist those less fortunate. And of course, take a kid fishing.

Thursday July 16th

I am sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with my weekly reports this month, but I just am so busy that I haven’t had the time. Not much in the way of fishing so much as Sharking. The past few weeks have been spent top-water surface baiting for Large Blacktip, Bull and Lemon Sharks. It is the next best thing to have on the end of your line other than a Tarpon. And boy, some put on a great Tarpon impersonation. We have caught a few Spanish Mackerel live baiting a few miles off the beach, but the Mackerel bite is just not that consistent or good. Im hoping to see a school of Jacks in the next morning or so during the high tide at sunrise, but if not, I know they will be here in numbers soon enough. I am not fishing for Redfish till after Labor Day cause it’s just to much work in this heat. And besides, once September hits, I will be fishing for them exclusively thru the new year. If you like airborne Sharks and listening to reels peel out line wicked fast, then lets get out on the water. Everyone stay safe, look out for one another, and if the opportunity arises, take a kid fishing!

Tuesday June 23rd

Plenty of Sharks to be had, both small and large, while the Mackerel bite has all but disappeared. Kinda surprised that we haven’t seen any Jacks cruising the nearshore waters yet. but remain hopeful that they arrive our way soon. I don’t do the backwaters for Reds or Trout this time of year, mainly because its hit or miss and not even close to the caliber of fishing that awaits us this coming Fall. I may try to do some nearshore reef fishing this week, but I hate to go out there when it basically sucks by all accounts. Oh well, there are always Big leaping Blacktips and large tenacious Bull Sharks to play with, and hopefully there will be more variety by weeks end. Ill keep you posted.

Saturday June 13th

You like Sharks? If you do, there are plenty of em. Behind the Shrimp Trawlers there lies some big beasties that continue to do their best Tarpon impersonation when hooked up. The nearshore sandbars and river mouths are producing as well but not in the numbers were accustomed to by now. We caught some nice Spanish Mackerel live baiting at a nearshore reef one day, but weather conditions haven’t allowed many boats to comfortably fish it the last few days. The weather is kinda sketchy over the next couple of days but should improve soon after. Most likely am done with Redfishing till this coming Fall, so hopefully some Jacks, Ladyfish, Mackerel and others start to arrive in our inshore waters soon. Thanks for checking us out and tight Lines to all in the coming week.

Wed June 3rd

Fished this past weekend and spent entire time in the Shrimp Boats wakes battling Large Blacktips and Spinner Sharks that put on an aerial show that would make even the most acrobatic Tarpon proud. Really incredible leaps and altitude right next to the boat. Cool indeed. I have been working on the boat, which is in dry dock, the last several days. New engine, new electronics, new everything except the 32yr old hull that has logged a lot of miles over time. We should be back in the water by the coming weekend and fishing by the 1st of the coming week. No Mackerel or Jacks around just yet. The Cobia bite in and around the northern end of the island has been good from all reliable sources, and a few early arriving Tarpon have been caught there as well. I’m hoping that a few of these fish might hang a U-turn and come a few miles South for a visit. Its been a weird and sad last couple of months and especially this past week. Lets all show each other much respect and love, and if you get a chance,,,, Take a Kid Fishing!!!