Saturday June 1st

Last week was a really good week for fishing. Calm winds and a glassy ocean made it irresistible not to head out a few miles and do some top water surface fishing. Armed with mostly light tackle Trout rods, we caught many Spanish Mackerel over several days. All of the fish were 3-5lbs and a very rewarding challenge. We did encounter several King Mackerel that smoked the small spinning reels and emptied the line plum out. That’s what happens when knives are brought to gunfights. The bite was on fire all week until late in the week when the wind wouldn’t allow us to fish in comfort. We stayed inshore Friday and caught a dozen or more Black Drum while trying to hook up on some Redfish. Oh well. This morning we had a glassy high tide and decided to birddog the nearshore Shrimp trawlers. Needless to say, the top water action for those high jumping Black Tips didn’t disappoint. The next several days are gonna be hot in both air temps and fishing action I believe. By midweek the weather becomes an issue and we can just hope for the best. Thanks for taking the time to check out my report. Tight Lines to You and Yours.

Sunday May 18th

This past week brought us some challenging conditions to work with. Not perfect storm type conditions, but enough onshore winds to roughen up the ocean just enough so that most boats could not fish in comfort or with high hopes of success. Combined with the extreme tides due to tonight’s full moon, the inshore areas have been very difficult to fish with any hope of success as well. So much water moving in and out really shuts the bite down, and unless you can get a few miles off the beach where the tide flow isn’t as pronounced, fisherman tend to get screwed. We were very fortunate to be able to fish a inshore spot that doesn’t have any tide flow horizontally, but just vertical water movement. We were also fortunate to have an ebb tide in the mornings that enabled us to fish an area where we could be productive. We caught large numbers of sizeable Black Drum up to 10lbs and some beautiful Redfish that nearly all exceeded 30 inches. All of the fishing was done on very lite spin tackle with 8lb test line  and the reward was  very gratifying.  When nature throws Lemons in your direction, catch em and squeeze, and then enjoy the lemonade. Winds back off this weekend and by mid-week, the moons pull on the tides start to resemble some normalcy. The Shrimp boats should be back to work and holding lots of large Sharks in their wake. Hopefully some Spanish Mackerel will be entering our area and provide us with some fun casting action. Gonna take it easy for the next few days and keep my fingers crossed. Enjoy the weekend and remember to take a Kid fishing.

Thursday May 2nd

The past week or so has progressed nicely in several ways. The week before it seemed that there were still areas of large Redfish to be caught, and while several of my friends did just that, I chose to fish elsewhere or was an hour or so late getting in on the action. Sometimes your gut instinct is way off the mark. While we did catch some small Reds and small Sharks, I just couldn’t get it going. This week however, the baitfish showed up in large numbers and we all had a pretty good time with some fun sized Sharks. We drift fished for the most part because the ocean was so calm and conditions were favorable to get a few miles off the beach. With a little scent in the water and surface baits just behind the boat we stayed active with fun sized Blacktips that put the spinning reels to the test. We also caught some fun sized Lemon Sharks that zoned in on our chum trail. Nothing over 50lbs mind you, but really fun for the tackle we were using. Jelly fish were everywhere and the large Leatherback turtles were always near by. One in particular that swam right next to our boat, only to pause feet away and grab a cannonball jelly in its mouth. We were so entranced by the scene unfolding before us, that no one thought to grab a camera or video the rare sight. I was anticipating a Cobia to come along but to no avail. We did have a few Spanish Mackerel take swipes at our bait, but I didn’t have any of the necessary tackle to play with them. I’m pleased with the different species that are showing in our waters, and especially the amount of baitfish that have arrived. The cold nights are past us and the next few weeks should just make the fishing better in every way. I’ll keep you posted.

Sunday April 14th

I fished several days this week and caught lots of small Sharks. Mostly Bonnet heads and small Bulls. Our waters warmed dramatically over the past week and the influx of bait fish is evident. With waters warming, larger Sharks and other species will be making their way into our area. Still a few Redfish and Black Drum in certain inshore areas so the variety is starting to get a bit larger. Still a few weeks away I think from seeing the Mackerel and Cobia, but it is getting closer all the time. Took today off to watch Tiger win his 15th major at the 2nd greatest golf tournament on the PGA tour. Nothing compares to the Heritage on Hilton Head that begins next week, but I may be just a little biased. Have a great week and don’t forget to take a kid fishing

Saturday April 6th

While dodging thunderstorms last week, we managed to catch a few brakes in the weather and catch a few nice fish. Some great fights on Redfish and Black Drum were on tap and we were victorious in most cases. When you take a knife to a gunfight, you don’t always come out on top. This a reference to the very light tackle we use. On Friday I fished the intercoastal water way and while I did get the 1st Shark of the season, everything else was very slow going. Maybe with the warmer weather ahead, our water temps will increase a few more degrees which could start to turn things on. The weekend is off to a rainy, yet warm start, and by early in the week, the sun will be out and the winds will be light. Hopefully, area anglers  get a bite. Thanks for checking us out and have a Blessed week

Friday March 29th

Warning. Less than stellar fishing report about to begin. This past week went from bad to worse with both days proving very tough. We caught 8 Redfish with only 1 being larger than 30’inches and the others barely 20’inches on one trip. Our next outing we caught the islands “inshore grand slam ‘ ,redfish, trout,flounder and black drum. But that was it. 4 fish in all. Maybe it was the extreme king tides, or the incessant windy weather, but the bite was woeful. After a week of north wind and chilly nights, our area water temps have fallen back into the 50’s after reaching a high of 64deg a week or so back. That doesn’t help matters. Most guides I’ve discussed fishing with are also of the same feeling that both the inshore and offshore reef fishing has been terrible. Most boats couldn’t even make it to the nearshore reefs because of weather conditions. We have a warming trend over the next couple of days and hopefully the bite picks up. looks like the larger Redfish and small Sharks are still a week or so away. Don’t blame the messenger.


Monday March 11

The boat is back in the water and the 2019 fishing season is officially underway. I haven’t wet a line in over a month so My 1st few victims, err, I mean clients, could be test subjects for the next week or so. Water temps are unusually warm for this time of year and that is good. Sharks could be here by late this month and more importantly the Bull Reds. I did catch some very nice Reds and also some Black Drum fun fishing with friends last month, but patience and timing are everything this time of year. The biggest factor in fishing around here, regardless of time of year, is the food source. aka bait! What Mullet and Shrimp are to the Fall season, Menhaden and Herring are to Springtime fishing, and water temperature has control over that scene. Keep your fingers crossed for consistent warm air and no cold fronts. Thanks for checking out my report. Hope you have a Blessed Day and experience some tight lines in the near future.

January 2019

It is officially off-season and while I may still be hitting a few spots in the creek for a Trout dinner from time to time, I will not be doing any chartering till sometime mid March. I appreciate the many folks, families and friends who have fished with me over the years, as well as the new friends I made this past year. I’m looking forward to the coming season and spending time on the water with those whom I’ve come to know as well as making new acquaintances. Wishing everyone tight lines, and great memories to be shared between families and friends while aboard the Mightymako in 2019.

October 28th

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I stayed off the water today and licked my wounds from yesterdays beating. The fishing stunk and I still haven’t got the stench off yet. I reckon that in a couple of days, the winds will be lighter and the new moon tides we have been dealing with the last several days will mellow out and things will get back to normal.  Before this weekends fishing debacle, we managed to get in a couple of trips and did fairly well with nice sized Bull Redfish in the backwater. Its amazing how many Sharks are still in the area because they kept us entertained as well. Well, not as much as the Reds, but still better than a poke in the eye. With cooler waters approaching, the Sharks should all split for warmer waters and be gone by the end of the month. The weather is looking great for the coming week, so lets go wet a line.

Monday October 20th

Only fished several times last week, and for the most part we did ok. By ok I mean a few Bull Reds each trip and a good number of Sharks. With water temps just starting to fall back into the 70’s, the Sharks should begin to hightail it south and stop squeezing out the Redfish. Only a couple of trips come to mind where we have caught Bull Reds in the double digits, but it has primarily been because of weather or tide related events. Lots of wind over the past few weeks that often limit us to where we can fish, yet in comfort. Oh well, I’m gonna hope for light wind and sunny skies over the coming weeks and hopefully we will start to rack up larger numbers of fish and be able to cover more territory during our search. Have a Blessed week !