Sunday April 14th

I fished several days this week and caught lots of small Sharks. Mostly Bonnet heads and small Bulls. Our waters warmed dramatically over the past week and the influx of bait fish is evident. With waters warming, larger Sharks and other species will be making their way into our area. Still a few Redfish and Black Drum in certain inshore areas so the variety is starting to get a bit larger. Still a few weeks away I think from seeing the Mackerel and Cobia, but it is getting closer all the time. Took today off to watch Tiger win his 15th major at the 2nd greatest golf tournament on the PGA tour. Nothing compares to the Heritage on Hilton Head that begins next week, but I may be just a little biased. Have a great week and don’t forget to take a kid fishing

Saturday April 6th

While dodging thunderstorms last week, we managed to catch a few brakes in the weather and catch a few nice fish. Some great fights on Redfish and Black Drum were on tap and we were victorious in most cases. When you take a knife to a gunfight, you don’t always come out on top. This a reference to the very light tackle we use. On Friday I fished the intercoastal water way and while I did get the 1st Shark of the season, everything else was very slow going. Maybe with the warmer weather ahead, our water temps will increase a few more degrees which could start to turn things on. The weekend is off to a rainy, yet warm start, and by early in the week, the sun will be out and the winds will be light. Hopefully, area anglers  get a bite. Thanks for checking us out and have a Blessed week

Friday March 29th

Warning. Less than stellar fishing report about to begin. This past week went from bad to worse with both days proving very tough. We caught 8 Redfish with only 1 being larger than 30’inches and the others barely 20’inches on one trip. Our next outing we caught the islands “inshore grand slam ‘ ,redfish, trout,flounder and black drum. But that was it. 4 fish in all. Maybe it was the extreme king tides, or the incessant windy weather, but the bite was woeful. After a week of north wind and chilly nights, our area water temps have fallen back into the 50’s after reaching a high of 64deg a week or so back. That doesn’t help matters. Most guides I’ve discussed fishing with are also of the same feeling that both the inshore and offshore reef fishing has been terrible. Most boats couldn’t even make it to the nearshore reefs because of weather conditions. We have a warming trend over the next couple of days and hopefully the bite picks up. looks like the larger Redfish and small Sharks are still a week or so away. Don’t blame the messenger.


Monday March 11

The boat is back in the water and the 2019 fishing season is officially underway. I haven’t wet a line in over a month so My 1st few victims, err, I mean clients, could be test subjects for the next week or so. Water temps are unusually warm for this time of year and that is good. Sharks could be here by late this month and more importantly the Bull Reds. I did catch some very nice Reds and also some Black Drum fun fishing with friends last month, but patience and timing are everything this time of year. The biggest factor in fishing around here, regardless of time of year, is the food source. aka bait! What Mullet and Shrimp are to the Fall season, Menhaden and Herring are to Springtime fishing, and water temperature has control over that scene. Keep your fingers crossed for consistent warm air and no cold fronts. Thanks for checking out my report. Hope you have a Blessed Day and experience some tight lines in the near future.

January 2019

It is officially off-season and while I may still be hitting a few spots in the creek for a Trout dinner from time to time, I will not be doing any chartering till sometime mid March. I appreciate the many folks, families and friends who have fished with me over the years, as well as the new friends I made this past year. I’m looking forward to the coming season and spending time on the water with those whom I’ve come to know as well as making new acquaintances. Wishing everyone tight lines, and great memories to be shared between families and friends while aboard the Mightymako in 2019.

October 28th

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I stayed off the water today and licked my wounds from yesterdays beating. The fishing stunk and I still haven’t got the stench off yet. I reckon that in a couple of days, the winds will be lighter and the new moon tides we have been dealing with the last several days will mellow out and things will get back to normal.  Before this weekends fishing debacle, we managed to get in a couple of trips and did fairly well with nice sized Bull Redfish in the backwater. Its amazing how many Sharks are still in the area because they kept us entertained as well. Well, not as much as the Reds, but still better than a poke in the eye. With cooler waters approaching, the Sharks should all split for warmer waters and be gone by the end of the month. The weather is looking great for the coming week, so lets go wet a line.

Monday October 20th

Only fished several times last week, and for the most part we did ok. By ok I mean a few Bull Reds each trip and a good number of Sharks. With water temps just starting to fall back into the 70’s, the Sharks should begin to hightail it south and stop squeezing out the Redfish. Only a couple of trips come to mind where we have caught Bull Reds in the double digits, but it has primarily been because of weather or tide related events. Lots of wind over the past few weeks that often limit us to where we can fish, yet in comfort. Oh well, I’m gonna hope for light wind and sunny skies over the coming weeks and hopefully we will start to rack up larger numbers of fish and be able to cover more territory during our search. Have a Blessed week !

Tuesday October 9th

We had some very nice weather last week, actually a little to warm for my liking this time of year, but considering the weather we are about to experience for the next couple of days, it was a beautiful week to wet a line. We had multiple trips with multiple catches of Bull Redfish and plenty of action on the smaller Sharks such as Blacktips, Bonnet heads, and Bulls. Large whiting along with croaker and pinfish kept us extremely busy on the ultra lite spin tackle.  With hurricane Michael sliding by us over the next few days, most anglers will stay chained to the dock. By the end of the week and certainly by this weekend, the weather looks to be gorgeous, and the fishing should return to normal, and hopefully be even better as the water slowly begins to cool down from the low 80’s into the 70’s. Cooler water will really help the Redfish bite over the coming weeks. It also makes it more comfortable for anglers. Yep, the next 3-5 are some of the best weeks to be out on the water, and it has always been my favorite  time of the year to wet a line.  If you wanna give it a go, give me a holler.

Saturday Sep 29th

The week started off pretty good with lots of assorted baitfish in our waters. Mullet, finger mullet,menhaden that were everywhere and getting chomped on by pods of Dolphins and schools of Sharks. With such a huge food source in our area, the fishing looked to be an easy task. but with a huge food source comes all types of fish such as Jacks,Blues,Mackerel, and of course Sharks. That’s great unless your targeting Bull Redfish. For several days, we fished for the Reds, and caught everything but. It’s not a bad problem to have and everyone felt good about things, but like a lot of anglers, we really want to get the Bull Redfish scene underway. With water temps still over 80degrees, it may just be a little while longer. A couple of days ago, I noticed some fluid leaking from the engine area and the boat is now in drydock until early this coming week. Hopefully by Tuesday we will be back at it, and if not hooking up on Reds, most certainly on some other species that are as thick as thieves in our waters right now. Thank goodness the regular season for baseball is mercifully over, and my Orioles managed to finish a staggering 60 games out of first. Still looking for that silver lining. Hope Y’all enjoy the weekend and get a chance to go wet a line!

Saturday September 22

After a couple weeks of downtime due to hurricane Florence and the Governors idiotic decision to request a mandatory evacuation of the island, we got back to business this past week. I enjoyed brushing off the cobwebs of the golf clubs and getting some fun surf to ride on, but it was back to business as usual and while we stayed busy and active, it remained very one dimensional with plenty of 100-200lb Sharks cruising with the shrimp trawlers, and their smaller counterparts in the nearshore river-mouths and estuaries. We tried for the Bull Redfish a couple of days but with water temps still in the low 80″s, the Sharks don’t seem to be in a hurry to vacate the area, and why would they with so much food source in the area. What we need is some cooler weather and cooler water currents that will bring in more Redfish and force out all the Teeth. I was very happy to see the schools of Mullet that are returning and saw thousands of them being blown up by dolphins and Blacktips as they cruised along the beach. Mullet are Bull Reds favorite food, and if the weather would just cool down some, the fishing will really start to turn on. Unfortunately, 90 degree temps are forecasted for the coming week which means any Redfish that are here will be competing with the Sharks for another week or so. The good news is that we will be keeping the rods bent and the action will be steady.  Keep hope alive! October is just around the corner.