The start of last weeks fishing was like any other week,,,,in July.  Lots of Sharks and little or nothing else. I was worried about the bite because of the extreme tide levels that we were dealing with. The action was pretty good however, just very one dimensional.  The two trips toward the end of the week were great. We boated 8 Big Reds over 25lbs and we manged to catch a couple of Blacktip Sharks that were nearly 100lbs. Both times the Sharks took us down to the last 30 or 40 yards of line left on the spinning reel and it really was dumb luck that we had happy endings in each of those battles. Along our coast mid week we also experience an up-welling event that brings in cooler waters and I believe that our water temps dropping several degrees might of had something to do with the change in our fortune. Or Not. I have over-thought fishing theories before. Anyway, this week looks to be nice except for some wind that may cause us to find some calmer more sheltered holes. Most of those spots I fish anyway and I hope that they will be providing us with some fun action. I will let you know next weekend

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