To sum up this week of fishing, one word describes it perfectly. Fun!  We only caught Sharks, but the thing is, 90% that we caught were either top-water live baited, or sight casted to with various lures.  We caught mostly Blacktips and Lemon Sharks that weighed between 15-30lbs. We also caught a handful that went nearly 100lbs.  We didn’t fish “offshore”, but we stayed about 2 miles off the beach on the trips because of the very clear water and  the baitfish being so abundant.  Chumming the water makes all the difference, and within a couple of minutes of wetting the lines, we had dozens of Sharks hanging around the boat within casting distance. While there might not be any Tarpon around yet,  those Blacktips do their very best to mimic them in the amount of jumps and acrobatics they can display. Most importantly, we used really light tackle. When it comes to fishing, I just think its much more rewarding and exciting when you bring a knife to a gunfight.  Anyway, I heard of some Jacks being caught around the same area I fished, but never saw a school, nor did I see any Spanish Mackerel, although I know a few were caught and filleted.  Will most likely be fishing just off the beach over the coming days as long as the bite stays busy, the ocean stays calm, and I don’t hear of a better option.

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