Highs and Lows. Peaks and Valleys. I went from thinking I could have my own fishing show to contemplating whether I want to keep fishing if the bite is gonna be like it has been the last couple of days. Last weekend and into the middle of the week we caught some great looking fighting Sharks with several going over 100lbs. And best yet, all of them coming on surface baits right behind the boat for all to see. What a show these Blacktip and Lemon Sharks put on for us. We also caught Spanish Mackerel on every trip with each fish being big enough to feed a family of 4.  I swear they fought like 12lb “snake” Kings, but they all from 6-8lbs. Absolute huge Spanish. Several days in a row we hooked up on nice size Jacks and nothing fights better lb for lb than them. Well, almost nothing.  As we got one of them near the boat, Mr. 7ft Hammer decided it was time for dinner and all we brought in was a severed line.  Still cool to behold. Then Wed. afternoon came, and so did the wind along with less than pretty water clarity and semi rough seas. Couldn’t get off the beach so stayed inshore and messed around with Reef Sharks. If we caught 100 on Thursday and Friday, 4 or 5 of them were nice Lemons, and another 6 were Blacktips no bigger than 15lbs while 90 of them were Reef Sharks that wouldn’t weigh over 10lbs.  Really strong tide flow along with dirty water had us kind of down and all we could really get going was the Reef Sharks. We caught a couple of nice Lemons today, but like I said, we just kept getting mugged by those pesky Reefs.  Think Im gonna take tomorrow off and just chill inside and enjoy some AC.  Moon phase and tide levels get better thru the weekend so hopefully we can expect more variety and good action for the coming week.

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