July 29th

It was nice to sleep in and take a break from the fishing today. 2 weeks straight of 5am alarm clocks going off and having to figure out the best plan of attack for the day, all awhile keeping your eyes on the sky and local radar and figuring out how you can stay dry from the relentless rain and thunderstorms and stay busy bending the fishing rods. To say that its been rainy and wet for the last couple of weeks would be an understatement. We’ve had thunderstorms nearly everyday and the amount of freshwater runoff into the area has been somewhat detrimental to the bite. Also, the wind has been a constant 10-15mph the past week and being able to fish in comfortable conditions has been a challenge. Having said that, we managed a couple of days with a decent Spanish Mackerel bite, a couple of nice size Jacks that showed up within casting distance, and a number of different species of Sharks. We just haven’t gotten an opportunity for the larger 100lb+ Sharks that we are accustomed to this time of year. Between the lack of shrimp trawlers at work and rougher surface conditions, we were forced to  resort to plans B,C and D.  Looks to be more of the same this coming week, however we do have a good moon phase as well as cooperating tides that should help our cause. When mother nature tosses lemons your way, make some great tasting lemonade and go with the flow.

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