July 30th

Coming over the cross island bridge tonight around the time of sunset, the view was amazing. Extreme lunar high tides had water pushed well up into the marsh, and with the beautiful colors in the sky, it was just awesome. And then I thought about the last couple days of fishing and how the moon can make the fishing go to crap. Large pockets of discolored water, bait thinned out and scattered, and water flow that could rival some rivers. Tough fishing the last couple of days and it could be tough thru the weekend. We have caught some nice Blacktips over the last few days in excess of 100lbs as well as a few smaller Sharks, but it was done in small windows of opportunity dictated by the tides. Didn’t come across any schools of Jacks to sight cast to this past week, and really just did our best to stay comfortable and busy. Throw 2-3ft seas into the mix, and it just hasn’t been that rewarding. Even the inter-coastal water areas have been rough due to afternoon winds so the problems get compounded by one another. I will update the report after this coming weekend. Until then, checkout the high waters edge during sunset and marvel at what a beautiful place this island is.

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