June 18th

Happy Fathers Day!  It was a really good week, starting with the fact that I had great people and Families keeping me company. It didn’t hurt that the Fishing was fun and consistent.  The Shrimp trawlers just off our beaches provided us with numerous Shark hook-ups approaching or exceeding the 100lb mark. Half a of them demonstrated their aerial leaping skills as well as their ability to burn hundred’s of  line off the spool in a matter of seconds. We also had a few inshore trips with jr. anglers who managed some score some smaller Sharks in the backwaters as well as some miscellaneous fish such as Blues, Ladyfish, etc. I didn’t visit the nearshore reefs this week due to the lackluster Mackerel bite I experienced late last week. I opted to go for the ‘almost’ sure action instead. Didn’t see and schools of Jacks either, but with most days being somewhat breezy, and the water surface being textured, I wasn’t surprised. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m most likely to be doing more of the same over the next few days. Have a Blessed week and remember to take a kid fishing!

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