March 9th Fishing Report

Three days of sunny warm weather for the first time in months. Guess it’s time to get to work. I should have the boat splashed and ready to fish by the 16th, although water temps will still likely be in the mid to upper 50’s. Would like to see the water warm up quickly so that the fishing offers some more variety.

I’m sure lots of gummy sharks,aka dogfish, as well as Whiteing,Pinfish,Trout and Sheepshead will be in the area, but with warmer water you can expect some Large Redfish and small Sharks to be close at hand. It is what it is! The 20th thru the 27th will be suspect because of the luner effect on the tides. They will be as extreme as it is all year, and that can make inshore as well as near shore fishing rather challenging. It is what it is! Feel free to get in touch and I will give you a full and honest report. Next update sometime next week.