MAY 3rd Fishing Report

Do Ya like Sharks? I sure hope so because the last couple of trips this past week yeilded plenty of em. That in and of itself is not bad news. Its just the lack of other species that was a bit of a downer. We caught several nice Reds early in the week, but the following couple of trips were very one dimentional with Bulls,Blacktips and Reefs accounting for most of the Shark species.  Plenty of Whitting,Blues and small Rays on the giggle rods as well. There has not been many sightings of baitfish which seems unusuall for this time of year and it’s hard to account for the amount of Sharks when their food source really hasnt shown up yet. I would like to see some Big Bull Reds over the next couple of trips, but we will just wait and see. With water temps warming, it would not shock me to hear of some Cobia moving into our inshore waters over the coming week despite the lack of bait fish, and I will certainly update the report if any are sighted. Spanish Mackerel were in some backwater areas last week and I noticed a dozen or so jumping and getting air, but never saw the first sign of bait or what they were chasing.  To sum it all up, we caught a few Bull Reds that were close to 30lbs, and we caught 20times that many Sharks all between 10 and 30lbs.  Hey,, better than a poke in the eye.  next report,,next weekend or sooner!


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