Tight lines to all you anglers who have fished, and have yet to fish, aboard the Mighty Mako.
Hopefully, you will experience the thrill of a life time (or an enjoyable day among friends and family) when you fish aboard the Mighty Mako.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dave

This week was similar to last week, with the Shrimp trawlers providing opportunities for large Shark action, but very little action in the way of other fish. The nearshore reef has been void of quality action for weeks now with only a few Mackerel being caught and some small reef fish on the bottom. As this new moon continues to grow, there may be an uptick in the action throughout the coming days. However, with winds forecasted to be between 10-15mph the next several days, the juice may not be worth the squeeze in heading offshore. We will just monitor the wind and wave heights for the time being. The last couple of days following the trawlers around have provided us with a few Blacktip and Bull Sharks approaching the 300lb range. It isn’t for everybody, but when one witnesses these guys jumping 6ft in the air multiple times, and when you finally bring it along side the boat, it is pretty cool and rewarding. When the Shrimpers haven’t been mowing the lawn we have stayed in the nearshore sandbars a played with a much smaller variety of Sharks that are usually anywhere from 15-40lbs. If I have the very young anglers aboard, we keep them busy as well with a assortment of bottom dwelling fish. Anyway, hope the winds stay light and some more fish begin to bite. Sure would be cool to see a Tarpon or two during these coming early a.m. high tides. Hopefully a good number of Jacks as well. Hope everyone has a great week, and don’t forget to take a kid fishing!

Spring: March-April
REDFISH, SHEEPSHEAD, BLACK DRUM, and miscellaneous species depending on water/air temps
Summer: May-Aug
Fall*: Sept-Dec

Off$ea$on Fi$hing & Di$count$

*Fall fishing season might very well be the best fishing that the island’s surrounding waters have to offer. Ultra light tackle for Redfish and Trout offers backwater enthusiasts a great opportunity for fast paced action and rod bending moments. Glassy, calm water and a beautiful picturesque setting along the marshes and tidal creeks, offer the idyllic backdrop to the autumn fishing season. When combining the perfect fishing spot with the right tide, the chance of a memorable few hours are almost a given.

Rates Based on 1-4 Persons

5th Person add’l $50
*Afternoon or Evenings Only
Evening Shark Tours Available From June-August

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Consumer Alert


A message to all visiting anglers. Please be aware of misleading fishing guide websites offering their services to Hilton Head visitors, as well as fishing reports that promise you the moon and the stars every trip. An attractive looking website accompanied by claims of “local expertise” and years of experience does not make it so, and my weekly fishing report is always honest and trustworthy. The Mighty Mako is not trailord to various docks and landings, demanding cash payment only,with no restroom facilities, shelter, or essentials one may want before and after their outing on the water.  We gladly accept several forms of payment and offer all of the amenities one would expect from a reputable charter service.