Saturday April 2nd

I have put it off as long as I can. It’s time to go fishing. With the rain and wind behind us, and clear weather for most of the coming week, I will be casting off the dock lines and trying our luck. And luck we may need. With water temps hovering in the mid 60’s, the bite remains pretty slow with very slim pickings on any gamefish. I’ve talked with many of my peers and the story seems to be the same from each Captain. Kind of slow. Sure, there have been a ‘few’ Bull Reds from time to time and a “few’ small Sharks caught here and there, but overall, not very consistent or inspiring. Just a few degrees more for water temps would really help the cause. With warmer water you get more baitfish, hence, more food, which attracts more fish into the inshore and nearshore areas. Dogfish, small bonnethead and bull sharks, as well as some large Reds will be the targeted species over the next couple of weeks and the fishing should improve with each passing day. Lots of little miscellaneous stuff to catch on the ultra-lites such as whiting,trout,blues, etc, while waiting for the larger variety of fish to take the larger baits that we have out. Oh well, Mother-Nature has her own time table and we will just have to accept what she gives us. Like my wife says, a slow day of fishing is still better than a poke in the eye. At least that’s what I tell myself. Have a Blessed day everyone and tight lines.

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