Saturday August 6

The good news is that we caught a couple of nice size Lemon and Dusky Sharks today. We also hooked up a couple of really attractive Blacktips on the surface and were able to get one of them to the boat that was just shy of 100lbs. We had a couple of other top water bites that were bit off or had hooks pull. In other words, a little less action than we normally are accustomed to. Now for the bad news. That was the best day we have had in nearly the past week. Really slow action and a lot of head scratching. Plenty of baitfish in the area and no significant rain or extreme tides that would cause such a drop off in the quality and quantity. It could be that high water temps are starting to affect the fishing. To summarize,, we basically fished a lot with little reward for our efforts. I’m hoping that todays fishing marks an upward trend in the action, but we will see. The weather forecast looks to be a bit suspect. Rain, and especially wind could play a factor in what goes down in the coming days. Not the most inspiring report I know. It just is what it is. More good news(hopefully) next week.

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