Saturday July 30th

This past week offered up some more fun top-water Shark fishing along with some really hot air temps. The heat though, has not kept the Sharks from chilling out. Lots of action and some really cool “air jaws” moments. We also caught several large Jacks that happened to swim across our path. While the fishing these days offer little variety, what we have experienced is plenty of action and many double hook-ups. I expect the next few weeks will be more of the same, although I’m hopeful that we may see a Tarpon or two during these dog days of summer. With water temps being at an all-time high and a large amount of baitfish in our area, it wouldn’t surprise me. Tight Lines everyone. P.S If your interested in a charter, feel free to call or text me at your convenience. Don’t e-mail me. I just don’t have the time to check my mail during this time of year. Stay cool and stay hydrated.

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