saturday june 24

Suckage. Fubar. Heinous. These are just a couple of words that I would use to describe last weeks fishing miss-adventures.  Lets start with the winds. 15kts or better every damn day with few areas to hide from it. While the offshore boats had to go to plan B,C,D,etc, the boats that stay near to shore and inside had the same problem of where to fish while staying comfortable, while also trying to produce some action. The other contributing factor was the huge king tides we experienced throughout the week. While these 10ft tides make for beautiful water front scenery, they are best viewed from a waterside restaurant or watering hole, as opposed to from a fishing boat that is trying to scare up some action. Combine the two events and you are left with muddy colored water and an absence of baitfish that makes a fishing guides job woefully miserable and next to impossible. I had a couple of very young jr.anglers on the boat that were happy to catch some miscellaneous junk fish during their trips, but other disappointed, yet understanding clients on other outings. It just Sucked!!  Now for the good news. It cant get any worse, and there is only room for improvement. The new moon is waning and the tides will be getting back in check which will help our cause immensely. The winds may lighten up as well and hopefully we can get back into the pattern we are accustomed to. I am optimistic we will get back on by early next week and that if the wind field stays light, we will be staying busy. I sure hope so cause I cant take another week of this crap.  One thing is almost certain,, next weeks report should be more positive and inspiring.  No Guarantees.  Keep Hope Alive !

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