Saturday June 30th

The past week or better has been pretty much a slam dunk when it comes to steady action. And while it is mostly about Sharks, its still about non-stop action. With pond like ocean conditions, we have spent the majority of our time just off the beach enjoying top water action for Blacktips that can burn up a spinning reel and often do their best Tarpon impersonation. We also caught several Hammerheads that were no slouches either, and a number of nice sized Lemons and Bull Sharks. We tried fishing for King Mackerel one day, but had to settle for a few Spanish Mackerel instead.  The coming week will most likely be about Sharks as well and if the Shrimp boats happen to be out working the waters, then the size of our targets are gonna increase immensely. Maybe a Tarpon will cross our path as well as a school of Jacks. Its the ocean, and you just never know what’s gonna show up

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