Saturday May 22

Its mid day and the sun is out. Haven’t seen that in the last 4 or 5 days. My tomato plants are thriving and the lawn is a thick and lush. So there are good things to come out of a 5-7 inch rainfall period. However, fishing aint one of em. Before the onslaught of rainfall, we fished in the early week and stayed extremely busy with a variety of Sharks and miscellaneous small stuff. No Redfish to speak of. Reports from yesterdays fishing were pretty dismal, and the baitfish that were in our area for the past several weeks were no where to be found. So much fresh water really upsets the scheme of things. Hopefully over the next few tide cycles, the bait shows back up in large numbers and the fishing gets back to where it left off. At least the Shark fishing will. Still waiting on other species such as Mackerel,Cobia,Jacks and others to appear in our south end area waters. While there are probably still a few pockets of Bull Reds around, I’m not counting on scoring any, for the facts are, they have just slowly gone by the wayside the past couple of weeks. Never say never though. The weather forecast for the coming week looks perfect, as do the tides, so I am gonna try and stay optimistic. Time will tell. Hope Ya’ll have a blessed day.

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