Sunday April 17th

I got nothing. No report anyway. Winds nearly everyday that have approached or surpassed gale warnings over most of the last couple of weeks have brought the fishing to a standstill. Just crazy. While winds increased over that period, water temps have decreased, from nearly 70deg several weeks ago, down to the mid to low 60’s. Just when we were starting to catch a variety of Sharks and Bull Reds, mother/nature set us back several weeks. While I’m pretty sure there are still some Reds and Sharks in the area, I don’t think that the fishing will be nearly as good as it should be for this time of the year. I will be fishing this week, weather permitting, and I will have a full report next weekend. On a good not, the Baltimore Orioles are off to a great start thru their 1rst 10 games and are leading their division. Chase Elliot finished 4th at the Bristol race, as well as 5th last weekend, and is for now, securely in the chase and getting better each race. Also, the PGA Heritage tournament was graced with beautiful sunny skies this weekend and the turnout was amazing. I spent yesterday in Harbor Town, as well as last night, and I’m in recovery mode today. I just don’t bounce back like I used to. Till next week,, Tight Lines!

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