Sunday April 29th

Kind of a slow week but an uplifting one as well. We only fished a couple of times and the activity got better with each passing day. With calmer winds prevailing and water temps inching upward, we were able net plenty of bait and were rewarded with plenty of action by weeks end. A good variety of Sharks ranging from 2-4ft as well as a couple of nice Redfish that were 25lbs or more. The baitfish which is the main food source of all the fish we will be targeting for the next 4-5months seems to be here to stay. Due to the moon phase, the tides will be somewhat extreme for the next several days, but by midweek and with a warm weather forecast ahead, the fishing should continue to get better with more variety and consistency. While its been the longest Winter I ever experienced, I believe its finally come to an end. Can I get an “Amen”?

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