Sunday April 30th

Sharks are us. Yes, its time again to embrace the inevitable. With water temps into the lower 70’s,  the Sharks have shown up in our area waters and they will be here to stay over the coming Summer. Lots of Reefs, Bonnet heads, and a few sizeable Blacktips gave my clients some fun fights this past week.  The larger triple digit ones will be arriving very soon. Sometimes they get in the way, but its nice to see them arriving because it means that other species should be showing up soon. Jacks, Spanish, Blues and other light tackle species are on the way, and until then, Sharks on light tackle can be sort of fun and rewarding. The Bull Reds that we are accustomed to seeing during the last month or two never really showed up, and I only caught a couple of them this month which was very disappointing. Up until this past week, this April was one of the worst I can remember for action and activity. Oh well, water under the bridge. Onward-Forward.  The moon and tides are lined up pretty good for this coming week. However, the weather looks a bit suspect, so we will just have to wait and see. Hopefully there might be a few Reds to snag before high water temps send them offshore, but at least there looks to be plenty of rod bending Shark action to occupy our time. If I’m able to get out this week, I will have an update by next weekend.  Tight Lines !

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