Sunday August 21st

Plenty of action this past week for you guessed it,, Sharks. Mostly top water, and most of them between 30-100lbs. Lots of Blacktips put in the air and lots of Dusky and Lemon sharks in between. I know this report seems like a record skipping over and repeating the same line, but it is what it is, and until something better comes along, we are gonna continue to enjoy the action. Haven’t seen any schools of Jacks in a couple of weeks, but we don’t waste time looking for them unless we happen to run across them on the way to the Sharking grounds. There have been a few Tarpon reported on the north end of the island but there is way to much buggy time involved. And why maybe catch a single Tarpon when you can have half a dozen Blacktips dancing above the water surface. Actually, to some, a single Tarpon is well worth it, so I get that. Anyway. that’s the report and the forecast is more of the same. Tight Lines, and stay hydrated.

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