Amazing! 3 days in a row that I didn’t have to dodge or outrun a thunderstorm. Its been a couple of weeks since we could just concentrate on fishing and not be checking the weather radar app every half hour. Best of all, the fishing was pretty consistent.  Well, the Sharking anyway. This past week saw a fair amount of fun sized Sharks averaging 20-40lbs. Blacktips and Lemons for the most part as well as a few small Hammer Heads and Bulls. We got a couple to the boat that were twice the average as well as losing a few that put on quite a show before they broke us off. Although the fishing was one dimensional, we kept the rods bending. This weekend I saw a couple of Tarpon free jump near us and really expected to take a shot on em, but didn’t.  It had that feel to it, and maybe if the weather holds we will get the opportunity over the next few days. Didn’t see any schools of Jacks to cast to this week, lots of lightning bolts though. Anyway, I’m fishing everyday this week and hopefully I will have a great report and an optimistic forecast for next week. Have a Blessed week everyone.

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