Sunday July 5th

On a scale from 1-10 with 5 being average, 10 being automatic and lots of variety, and 1 being hopelessly dismal, I give this past week a rating of 3. The bite is not offering much variety, and quality and consistency is sorely lacking. Thank God for the local Shrimpers. When they are out working the waters, 90% of the time there are bound to be fun sized Sharks to play with. We caught in double digets 100lb plus Blacktips that I swear to you move as fast and jump as high and often as any Tarpon you might come across.  These fish are especially fun, as being there aren’t any Tarpon being caught on the south-end of the island. Wind was an issue throughout the week, and we couldn’t locate any schools of Jacks to cast to. The Spanish Mackerel bite is terrible, and we haven’t had them schooled up in the inshore areas not once this season.  A couple of weeks or so back, we spent a couple of days at a reef about 5 miles off the beach and did well casting and live-baiting, but that was short lived. I hope things get better and that we see some more variety, but the odds of that happening is less than a coin flip.  Never Surrender and Keep Hope Alive !

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