Sunday March 25th

I long for the days of this past February when the days were averaging 80deg or better with record warmth and are water temps rising upwards daily into the mid 60’s. Well, that’s all gone out the window. Freaking cold fronts and weekly nor’easters have left our waters at barely 60deg nearing the end of this month and that does not help the state of our fishing. Instead of baitfish, gamefish arriving early, we seem to be back to square one. There are a few Dogfish(alias gummy sharks) and a few miscellaneous junk fish to pull up just off our beach, but fishing in general is woefully slow. The first influx of Sharks and Bull reds have yet to make their way into our area waters, and while that should happen very soon, it ain’t happening today. There you have it,, the not so good, the bad and the ugly.

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