Thursday May 2nd

The past week or so has progressed nicely in several ways. The week before it seemed that there were still areas of large Redfish to be caught, and while several of my friends did just that, I chose to fish elsewhere or was an hour or so late getting in on the action. Sometimes your gut instinct is way off the mark. While we did catch some small Reds and small Sharks, I just couldn’t get it going. This week however, the baitfish showed up in large numbers and we all had a pretty good time with some fun sized Sharks. We drift fished for the most part because the ocean was so calm and conditions were favorable to get a few miles off the beach. With a little scent in the water and surface baits just behind the boat we stayed active with fun sized Blacktips that put the spinning reels to the test. We also caught some fun sized Lemon Sharks that zoned in on our chum trail. Nothing over 50lbs mind you, but really fun for the tackle we were using. Jelly fish were everywhere and the large Leatherback turtles were always near by. One in particular that swam right next to our boat, only to pause feet away and grab a cannonball jelly in its mouth. We were so entranced by the scene unfolding before us, that no one thought to grab a camera or video the rare sight. I was anticipating a Cobia to come along but to no avail. We did have a few Spanish Mackerel take swipes at our bait, but I didn’t have any of the necessary tackle to play with them. I’m pleased with the different species that are showing in our waters, and especially the amount of baitfish that have arrived. The cold nights are past us and the next few weeks should just make the fishing better in every way. I’ll keep you posted.

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