Tuesday April 3rd

Its been almost 6months to the day since last time we left the dock in search of fish. Was not expecting to be out of the water this long, but mother nature is unpredictable. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get some fishing in and I was all set to start the 1st of this month, until fishing reports from several of my peers caused me to rethink the seasons starting date. Whether it be wind events, moon or tide issues, or low water temps, the inshore and nearshore bite has been practically non existent. Very few Redfish, small Sharks, and even miscellaneous stuff to bend a lite rod have been caught as of today, so I have decide to wait until Easter weekend before kicking off the fishing season. My apologies to my clients and folks who have inquired about fishing the past few weeks. Its not that I don’t wanna give it a go, its just that I want to have an optimistic outlook when  we finally do wet a line.  Anyway,, we will hope for the best and have a complete fishing update toward the end of the month.

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