Tuesday August 6th

Sorry for the lack of reports the last couple of weeks. I guess it kinda coincides with the lack of great fishing. The Mackerel bite remains non-existent after several spectacular days the occurred nearly 3 weeks ago. Very tough tides caused by the new moon this past week have even put a damper on the Shark scene. Inconsistent and lacking some real heavy action has been the norm, with the exception of the Shrimp Trawlers and the beasts that follow them. Problem is, the tides have kept the Shrimpers from working, and they have been far and few between. The days we fished along side of them were just very productive and entertaining. This coming week offers some more hope as tides return to normal and the winds fall off by late week. The weather is about to get seasonally warm again and hopefully the fishing action heats back up. Did hook a Tarpon on the blind and enjoyed the 3 to 4 seconds we shared together. A couple more have been jumped in the last day or so, so you never know. Just saying. I will have a new report by late weekend. Tight Lines, and take a kid fishing.

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