Tuesday October 4th

I hope this doesn’t become the last report for the season, but with a category 4 heading this way, you never know. If it is, I will say we had a pretty good trip to end the season. Despite small craft advisory, we were able to find some calm water and catch some nice Bull Reds as well as a few Sharks. Even though its October, our water temps are still in the 80’s and the Sharks aint in a hurry to vacate the area. In all my years, I have never seen water temps near this warm. While we normally are red fishing exclusively by now, it has been 50/50 between the Sharks and Reds. We should see an increase in the Redfish bite with a decrease in water temps over the coming weeks. The Shrimp trawlers are still hard at work and if Big Sharks are your thing, then that bite will remain good for a while longer. I haven’t fished the ultra-lite backwater tackle for Trout and Reds yet, but come November, I will most likely fish the backwater exclusively. Wont be on the water for a few days, but with a little luck, we will be wetting lines the 1rst of next week. Anyway, the weather is out of our hands and we will hope for the best. Stay safe everyone.

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