Tuesday September 11th

Last week we fished 2 days and they were both smashing successes. Plenty of Big Blacktips well over 100lbs and even a couple of Lemon Sharks that topped out at nearly 200lbs. Lots of top water action with plenty of aerial acrobatics. This week however it is all about the surf. Some fun waist high fore runners with larger surf due over the next couple of days. By the end of the week, high winds and possibly large amounts of rainfall will be in our area and depending on the track of hurricane Florence, this really bad weather event could be with us into early next week. The professional’s at the weather channel haven’t figured things out, so I wont try making a prediction, other than to say that lots of high winds and excessive rain fall is not conducive for fishing. There you have it. Everyone stay safe and hopefully I will offer an inspiring fishing forecast early next week.  Try to stay high and dry.

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