Wed. April 15

I don’t really have much in the way of a fishing report due to the lockdown at all marinas and public boat ramps. My friend fished at a nearshore reef last week and did well on Sheepshead, which I think are the tastiest fish around. He hooked me up with some fillets and it was one of the best fish dinners I’ve ever had. Several fisherman caught some Cobia about 10 miles off the beach where they tend to 1st arrive every Spring. These fish should be making their way into the nearshore rivers and estuaries over the coming weeks as their food source becomes more prevalent and the area waters warm. A couple of dock and bank fisherman told me that they have done fairly good with Trout and Reds, and that the softshell crabs are in season. Love me some soft shell. I cant believe I wasn’t aware of that. I guess when you don’t have a boat in the water, you kind of don’t pay attention as much to the ebb and flow of nature or your surroundings. I will fish as soon as possible, but putting the boat in the water at this moment is like racing to a red light. I hope you and yours continue to stay safe and healthy, and that we all come out of this wiser and more appreciative of things that we might have taken for granted in the past. If your able to do this in a healthy environment over the coming weeks,, take a kid fishin.

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