Wed Oct 11th

Some decent fishing going on for us over the past week or so. We’re not “on fire” and catching mother-loads, but we are seeing some nice fish as well as some Sharks. Very warm water temps have slowed the influx of the Bull Reds, as well as their main food source, Mullet. We usually see our area waters bubbling with large schools of Mullet, and the invasion of Bull Reds, however, with water temps still in the low 80’s, the “running” of the Bulls has been more like a slow meandering stroll. They have started appearing, just not in the numbers that we usually see by mid October. There looks to be a cold front moving this way by early next week, and while most folks have enjoyed summer like temperatures, myself include, the cooler air and water temps will greatly enhance our Fall fisheries.  Until then, keep applying the sunscreen, watch out for the remaining Sharks, and be prepared for the fishing to get better with each passing day. Feel free to check out our Facebook page for the latest and greatest catches.

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