Sat. May 30th

It was a busy week of fishing with most of the action coming from assorted Sharks. Blacktips, Reefs and a few bonnetheads kept our lines tight and our arms and wrists sore.  Pretty much non-stop. We did go offshore one day when the weather allowed us and caught a couple of Kings as well as more Sharks but unfortunately, there were no Cobia taken that day. The wind has been onshore at 15mph or better all week and it looks to be calming down by early next week so hopefully we can explore some of the nearshore sandbars without getting beat up in the process. The bait has been plentiful and the action busy. Now if we can just get a few other species to arrive in our waters, it will be all good.  Enjoy your weekend!


Hope You and Yours had a blessed Holiday weekend and at some point paused to give thanks to those and their families who have in the past, and whom are presently sacrificing so much for us to enjoy the lifestyle that we have grown accostumed to. Bless them all!  The last week of fishing, aka Sharking, can only be described with 2 words. Windy and relentless.  20-25mph every day for the last 6 days and thank goodness there are a few inshore spots that are sheltered somewhat. You do however have to get to those leeward honey holes, and mercy me, it ain’t pleasent. Relentless is how I describe the Shark bite since last Thursday. They were everywhere and you never had to wait more than a minute from the time you cast your bait into the water. While the action is truly non-stop, after the 4rth “DOZEN,” it gets a little “played out”. The next few days look like it could be the same. Strong winds will keep us from fishing a few nearshore sandbars and we may be repeating ourselves all over again. Out fishn the next few days and I will have a midweek report by Wed. eve.


Had some really fun folks on the boat this week and we managed to have a fun time with a fair amount of action. As with last weeks trips, Sharks ranging in size from 10-100lbs were the norm and several species such as Blacktips,Fine-tooth,Bonnetheads and more kept us entertained and a few proved quite a challenge. This was the 2nd week that we have gone without catching any large Bull Reds and I think that the water temps and influx of so many Sharks might have driven them away from the usuall spots that we catch them at during the Fall and Early Spring. Hopefully some Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, and a couple of other species move on in to our inshore/nearshore waters and fill the void left by the Reds departure. Time will only tell. Huge tides are here this coming weekend and they will remain in effect thru the middle of next week. They are beautiful to observe, but a pain in the neck when it comes to fishing and more importantly, catching. Out of our control though. Moon phase and morning tide times will be favorable by midweek so give me a call and we will go wet some lines and blow some minds.

UPDATE We May6th

Fished Monday with 3 Great Guys who have been friends all their lives. We wore the Sharks out. Eventhough a couple of 80lb’ers got the best of em, they could hold their chins up. Lots of ultra-lite action on nice size Whitting,Bluefish,and misc. stuff. Couldnt take my trip out today because of the strong wind. I could have taken them out, but I was worried that they would end up spending hard earned $$ for no more than an unpleasent boat ride and a crappy day of uncomfortable fishing. Most likely done for the week due to the weather that is approaching our coastline tonight. NOAA reports show a smallcraft advisery for our area thru Friday and we will just have to wait and see what the weather does this coming weekend. And thats the “HULL”Truth.

MAY 3rd Fishing Report

Do Ya like Sharks? I sure hope so because the last couple of trips this past week yeilded plenty of em. That in and of itself is not bad news. Its just the lack of other species that was a bit of a downer. We caught several nice Reds early in the week, but the following couple of trips were very one dimentional with Bulls,Blacktips and Reefs accounting for most of the Shark species.  Plenty of Whitting,Blues and small Rays on the giggle rods as well. There has not been many sightings of baitfish which seems unusuall for this time of year and it’s hard to account for the amount of Sharks when their food source really hasnt shown up yet. I would like to see some Big Bull Reds over the next couple of trips, but we will just wait and see. With water temps warming, it would not shock me to hear of some Cobia moving into our inshore waters over the coming week despite the lack of bait fish, and I will certainly update the report if any are sighted. Spanish Mackerel were in some backwater areas last week and I noticed a dozen or so jumping and getting air, but never saw the first sign of bait or what they were chasing.  To sum it all up, we caught a few Bull Reds that were close to 30lbs, and we caught 20times that many Sharks all between 10 and 30lbs.  Hey,, better than a poke in the eye.  next report,,next weekend or sooner!