June 22nd

I fished today for the 1rst time in 4 days. We have experienced some serious NE winds over the past few days and the nearshore to inshore waters have been nearly unfishable. I’m not about to take someone’s hard earned money for a less than average bite and get them seasick on top of that. The waters were pretty dirty today, but we managed a few small Blacktip Sharks and a nice 4+ft Dusky this morning. We fished a mile or so off the beach this afternoon behind some Shrimp boats that were at work and caught several nice Blacktips over 50lbs as well as a 70lb Dusky. We earned everything though in 2-4ft seas that I don’t normally fish in. Oh well, my customers were up to it, and even though Miss Leslie succumbed to the motion of the ocean, we were able to battle some nice ones. The waters should clean up and mellow out through out the week so I’m hopeful for even better and bigger action to soon come. There were reports of some Kings being caught at the shipping channel between Hilton Head and Tybee Island Ga. today, so we might give that a go tomorrow depending on ocean conditions. I’m optimistic that the fishing will get better over the next couple of days and I will let you know by this coming weekend. Blessings!

JUNE 12th

This past week was pretty similar to last weeks action, only better. Although the action with Sharks has been steady, it really has improved over the last several days as far as the variety and size go. We are starting to see more Blacktips which happen to be my favorite as far as fighting prowess. They can really put on a show and give you a run for your money. Best of all, were catching them on surface baits which is cool to witness. They aren’t the big 100lb+ variety, but those 30-40lbrs are pure fun. Also, we Caught some 4-5ft Dusky’s and even a couple of nice Lemons this weekend which helps as far as variety sake. The baitfish in our area have been pretty abundant as well as nice size which helps our cause. Didn’t hear of any Spanish Mackerel or light casting action species being caught or even seen this past week, but hopefully them as well as some Jacks may fill into our area waters sooner than later. Next report will come next weekend.

SUNDAY June 6th

Ok, there will be Sharks mentioned again for the whatever weeks straight. But this past week was different because of the type and method we used. Early in the week there were plenty of Reefs and Bonnets in the inshore waters, but by midweek we decided to head off the beach a couple of miles and were able to get some fun action top water fishing with live bait. Most of these Sharks put on a good acrobatic show and burned up some line. While most were not weighing more than 30lbs, it was really cool and entertaining. And while I was fishing in a beautiful area of the ocean, nearby there were many schools of Spanish Mackerel and even a few Kings being caught on surface baits. Bait was prevalent and of quality size, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with everyone’s change of fortune. Rain and deteriorating conditions come into our area tomorrow and may linger into early next week, so I hope the fishing gains we have seen over the past few days don’t come to a screeching halt.