August 28th

This past week brought lots of windy conditions that made it nearly impossible to fish, much less catch any. Since Wednesday, the winds have been blowing and while I could have been on the water making money and torturing my clients, I opted to play some golf and get a few surf sessions in. Not a profitable week, but at least I didn’t jerk anyone around by taking their money, going thru the motions and showing my clients a miserable fishing experience. It may not improve, if at all, till mid week, and even then, the water may still be somewhat murky and not ideal for much action. There are some things that we cant control, and the weather is one of em. Anyway, we will see what happens over the next few days and hope that the winds calm down and that the water cleans up and etc,etc, and that we can get back to where we left off which was putting large Sharks in the air and wearing anglers out. Time will tell. Keep hope alive!

Sunday August 21st

Plenty of action this past week for you guessed it,, Sharks. Mostly top water, and most of them between 30-100lbs. Lots of Blacktips put in the air and lots of Dusky and Lemon sharks in between. I know this report seems like a record skipping over and repeating the same line, but it is what it is, and until something better comes along, we are gonna continue to enjoy the action. Haven’t seen any schools of Jacks in a couple of weeks, but we don’t waste time looking for them unless we happen to run across them on the way to the Sharking grounds. There have been a few Tarpon reported on the north end of the island but there is way to much buggy time involved. And why maybe catch a single Tarpon when you can have half a dozen Blacktips dancing above the water surface. Actually, to some, a single Tarpon is well worth it, so I get that. Anyway. that’s the report and the forecast is more of the same. Tight Lines, and stay hydrated.

Monday August 15

The latter part of this past week and into the weekend gave us plenty of fun Shark action with most of the hook-ups occurring top-water. Plenty of 40-80 pounders and a handful of Blacktips exceeding the 100lb mark. There were plenty of Shrimp trawlers stirring up the water for us, and best of all, plenty of bait(aka food source)in the area. The couple of trips I did in the afternoon during a low tide were woefully slow in comparison. But sometimes the stars align and things just work out really well as it did for our morning trips. Anyway, We will probably be doing more of the same this week and hoping to see a few schools of Jacks on our way to and from the Shark grounds like we had a couple of weeks back. Next report by the coming weekend.

Saturday August 6

The good news is that we caught a couple of nice size Lemon and Dusky Sharks today. We also hooked up a couple of really attractive Blacktips on the surface and were able to get one of them to the boat that was just shy of 100lbs. We had a couple of other top water bites that were bit off or had hooks pull. In other words, a little less action than we normally are accustomed to. Now for the bad news. That was the best day we have had in nearly the past week. Really slow action and a lot of head scratching. Plenty of baitfish in the area and no significant rain or extreme tides that would cause such a drop off in the quality and quantity. It could be that high water temps are starting to affect the fishing. To summarize,, we basically fished a lot with little reward for our efforts. I’m hoping that todays fishing marks an upward trend in the action, but we will see. The weather forecast looks to be a bit suspect. Rain, and especially wind could play a factor in what goes down in the coming days. Not the most inspiring report I know. It just is what it is. More good news(hopefully) next week.