saturday june 24

Suckage. Fubar. Heinous. These are just a couple of words that I would use to describe last weeks fishing miss-adventures.  Lets start with the winds. 15kts or better every damn day with few areas to hide from it. While the offshore boats had to go to plan B,C,D,etc, the boats that stay near to shore and inside had the same problem of where to fish while staying comfortable, while also trying to produce some action. The other contributing factor was the huge king tides we experienced throughout the week. While these 10ft tides make for beautiful water front scenery, they are best viewed from a waterside restaurant or watering hole, as opposed to from a fishing boat that is trying to scare up some action. Combine the two events and you are left with muddy colored water and an absence of baitfish that makes a fishing guides job woefully miserable and next to impossible. I had a couple of very young jr.anglers on the boat that were happy to catch some miscellaneous junk fish during their trips, but other disappointed, yet understanding clients on other outings. It just Sucked!!  Now for the good news. It cant get any worse, and there is only room for improvement. The new moon is waning and the tides will be getting back in check which will help our cause immensely. The winds may lighten up as well and hopefully we can get back into the pattern we are accustomed to. I am optimistic we will get back on by early next week and that if the wind field stays light, we will be staying busy. I sure hope so cause I cant take another week of this crap.  One thing is almost certain,, next weeks report should be more positive and inspiring.  No Guarantees.  Keep Hope Alive !

June 18th

Happy Fathers Day!  It was a really good week, starting with the fact that I had great people and Families keeping me company. It didn’t hurt that the Fishing was fun and consistent.  The Shrimp trawlers just off our beaches provided us with numerous Shark hook-ups approaching or exceeding the 100lb mark. Half a of them demonstrated their aerial leaping skills as well as their ability to burn hundred’s of  line off the spool in a matter of seconds. We also had a few inshore trips with jr. anglers who managed some score some smaller Sharks in the backwaters as well as some miscellaneous fish such as Blues, Ladyfish, etc. I didn’t visit the nearshore reefs this week due to the lackluster Mackerel bite I experienced late last week. I opted to go for the ‘almost’ sure action instead. Didn’t see and schools of Jacks either, but with most days being somewhat breezy, and the water surface being textured, I wasn’t surprised. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m most likely to be doing more of the same over the next few days. Have a Blessed week and remember to take a kid fishing!

Monday June 12th

Took the day off. It was awesome! The previous 6 days were a mixed bag of small fish a some very large ones. Went to a nearshore reef a couple of times and had a great bite on some Spanish Mackerel while seeing a few King Mackerel that didn’t take our bait. Went back the following day only to greeted by a dead sea with little or no signs of life. Lots of Shark fishing as well with a couple of trips providing us with non-stop action on Blacktips and Spinners approaching or exceeding the 100lb mark. When those Shrimp boats are working our waters, the action is almost guaranteed. Yesterday was terrible with windy conditions and murky water that only allowed us to catch a handful of small Sharks in the 20lb range. I heard that conditions improved today and that there were several Kings caught as well as some fun sized Sharks. Looking ahead the next few days, I’m optimistic for some good action and quality. I’m pretty much booked up and will have this weeks report sometime this weekend. Many of us in the local fishing community lost a wonderful soul this week. Kit Wannamaker, who with her husband Frank, embodied the true spirit of fishing, passed away. She believed in strict conservation, and always shared with others her keen observations of ones surroundings and how it related to the health of our fisheries here in the low country. I would run into her and Frank on the docks at Palmetto Bay every Spring when they returned home from wintering in the Keys, and while they shared stories of world-class fishing, they were always happy to get back home to what can only be described in comparison as our little mud hole. But it is our little mud hole and she was the queen of it and will be sorely missed and never forgotten.

June 3rd

This past week offered plenty of Shark action as well as one day of some fun light tackle nearshore action for Spanish Mackerel.  The windy conditions and threat of weather kept us close to the beach, but there was a variety of Sharks to choose from such as Lemons,Blacktips,and Shovelheads. We fished in the wake of some nearby shrimp trawlers, and while we didn’t exceed the 100lb mark, we did manage to get a few nice ones. We live baited for Jacks and Mackerel one day and caught a handful while using very light gear on top water rigs. Lots of fun. This coming week looks to offer more of the same as long as the weather cooperates. The docks at Palmetto Bay are still uninhabitable from the hurricane this past Fall, so it appears that I will be fishing out of Shelter Cove marina at least thru the end of Summer. The  marina is conveniently located in the center of the island and has all the amenities one could hope for.   Will have an update by next weekend.  Tight Lines!