Sunday Sept 24th

No fishing this past week. It wasn’t due to a named storm like the week of Irma or Jose. It was due to the sinus infection I got from surfing during those storm events. I’m just about finished with the last of the antibiotics I was prescribed, and should be up and about in another day or so. As luck would have it, Hurricane Maria is just south and offshore of us and will most likely stir up the water with pounding surf and muddy water. Its been a tough month for fishing and it looks like to be tough over the next few days. The weather forecast for the week shows very warm temps into the 90’s, which doesn’t help bring our water temps down to the ideal Fall temps that we need in order to load up on Bull Reds. Several of my buddies were out this past week and one of them scored a number of big Reds while several trips yielded only Sharks. However, most of the Sharks were big Blacktips over 100lbs which is better than a poke in the eye. Hopefully I will be back in the water tomorrow catching a few waves and by mid week, on the water catching some fun sized Sharks as well as some fun sized Redfish.  Hope You and Yours have a great week and that you experience some tight lines and strong rod bending action.

Sunday September 17th

The past week or so has been filled with high winds, high tides, high surf, flood waters and high anxiety. There just hasn’t been much time for fishing or any related fishing activities other than to secure lines on the boats and double check insurance policies. That looks to be all behind us except for the anxiety of what the current storms in the Atlantic will be doing and what direction they will be tracking over the coming week. The weather looks good for this week and for the most part, the water should be clearing up and things will hopefully get back to normal. Water temps have fallen back into the 70’s so most of the action will still be focused on the Blacktips and Bull Sharks as well as the Spanish Mackerel which can be hit or miss. The Bull Reds will be showing themselves as soon as the water temps drop another 5-7degress and that normally occurs by the end of the month. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the closest thing to Tarpon fishing is surface baiting for good size Blacktips. These Sharks nearly always put on a great aerial display, and can be brought to the boat way faster than a good size Tarpon. Anyway, all our thoughts and prayers are with family, friends and the unlucky individuals who have suffered, and continue to struggle with the aftermath of Irma. Hopefully the named storms that are currently meandering around the Atlantic don’t do anyone harm and only provide areas (specifically our beaches) with some good surf.  Next report comes next weekend. Have a Blessed week!

Thursday Sept. 7th

It seems like just a year ago I was giving the latest fishing report, and I was excited about the arrival of Bull Reds and the nice ones we had caught that week. Then hurricane Mathew showed up and put a stop to the rest of the season. While we didn’t fish for Bull Reds this past week, the top water action for Blacktip and Spinner Sharks has been off the hook. Just really fun and action packed. I swear its the next best thing to Tarpon fishing there is. Especially on the tackle we use. But now we have hurricane Irma knocking at our door, and its anybody’s guess as to her path, and the amount of destruction she leaves behind.  Mathew changed my “fishing” life and others, and he didn’t have anywhere near the force that Irma is packing. Oh well, time to secure the Mako as best I can and hope for the best.  I will be wishing the very best outcome for all my family and friends who have been affected by the storm, and those that may be in the coming days. Hopefully a week from now we can pickup where we left off, and also be looking ahead to the Fall season with high expectations.  Fingers crossed !!