December 7th

We have had beautiful weather over the last couple of weeks and that has allowed me to enjoy one of my most pleasurable pastimes, golfing. I’ve played nearly everyday and it has been a lot like fishing. Lots of head scratching, wondering why the puts are not falling and why I keep missing the fairway off the tee box. Very similar to, ” why do these fish have lock-jaw when I present them with a beautiful live bait for the taking, and, where have all the fish gone?, they were here and hungry yesterday”.  Then there are the moments that I think I’m ready for the Sr. tour and that if I had taken the game seriously as a young kid, I could be basking on a beach enjoying the millions in career earnings I would of surely made. Very similar to the days of “knowing” I should have my own fishing show and that I can out fish and out catch anybody within a thousand miles. Oh well, back to fishing. I caught a fair number of Trout about a week ago when I found myself with a few hours to kill. They were small, but I stayed busy. That’s my only time on the water in nearly a month. Once these extreme tides wane and the weather gets nicer after this cold front pushes thru, I will most likely do some backwater fishing and locate some Redfish along with some more Trout. That is, if I’m not out hitting the golf ball preparing for my  PGA Sr.tour debut.   Tight Lines and Hit it straight!