May 31

Got Sharks? Want some? I ask because there are plenty to go around and just not much else. Catching a couple of Bull Reds for every 100 Sharks does not constitute a diverse fishery. The Mackerel are still well offshore and other species including Ladyfish, Jacks, Blues and Tarpon have yet to arrive. Also, the larger Sharks, the 100lb plus variety haven’t shown up either. As soon asĀ  Shrimp season begins, they will be thick as thieves, but until then,,. I guess its all about Sharks and the occasional Redfish or maybe even a wayward inshore Cobia. At least we can continue bending the lite-tackle rods and accepting what mother nature gives us. For now.

Thursday May 10th

The last week or so has been good in some ways and bad in others. Good in that the baitfish have started to show up in good numbers and that the action has increased with a better variety and quality size fish. Unfortunately, the variety and quality consist 0f different Sharks and little else. Lemons, Bulls, Blacktips and others have forced the remaining Bull Reds out of the picture and we are forced to wait for some nearshore Cobia to appear. Mackerel, Blues, Ladyfish etc. will hopefully be showing in our are nearshore waters and give us some fun ultra-lite action by the Memorial weekend. We will see. Anyway, winter has officially ended and with water temps heating up everyday, the fishing is just gonna get better. Tight Lines and stay optimistic.