Sunday June 17th

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there and I hope that a few Sons and Daughters took their Fathers to wet a line somewhere today. I wet a line today and caught a dozen fun jumping Blacktips ranging from 15-50lbs. Actually, that’s been are M.O for the last couple of days and we have even managed some fun Shovelhead and Hammerhead Sharks as well. We fished for King and Spanish Mackerel midweek to no avail. I was definitely a day late and a $ short. The Bull Reds have moved to places unknown, and other species just haven’t gotten to our area yet. Maybe the Kings and Spanish will regroup over the next few days, but what I really look forward to is that the Shrimp Trawlers begin their season, so that we can enlarge the size of these Blacktips that are keeping us busy and add a few additional species to the mix such as Lemons and Bulls.  That should take place within a week or two. Maybe some schools of Jacks and a early arriving Tarpon could cross our path this week. Stay tuned to next weekends report and find out.  Have yourself a Blessed  day !

Sunday June 10th

Cant believe it. The sun is out and not a cloud in the sky. The rain started 3 days ago and hasn’t let up until early this morning. How long it will stay dry and how all the freshwater intrusion will affect the fishing in the days to come is anybody’s guess. Prior to the rain event, the Shark fishing was really heating up. Plenty of top water action on the high spirited and high jumping Blacktips as well as a few Spanish Mackerel for the first time this season.   Most of our fishing was done a couple of miles off the beach. This coming week will hopefully provide more of the same action and maybe some inshore activity such as Mackerel and Blues. The Bull Reds are gonna be far and further between I think, but one can never give up hope. Shrimp season doesn’t start for another couple of weeks, but when it does, the monsters of the deep will come out and play. There you have it. Lets go wet a line.