Saturday Sep 29th

The week started off pretty good with lots of assorted baitfish in our waters. Mullet, finger mullet,menhaden that were everywhere and getting chomped on by pods of Dolphins and schools of Sharks. With such a huge food source in our area, the fishing looked to be an easy task. but with a huge food source comes all types of fish such as Jacks,Blues,Mackerel, and of course Sharks. That’s great unless your targeting Bull Redfish. For several days, we fished for the Reds, and caught everything but. It’s not a bad problem to have and everyone felt good about things, but like a lot of anglers, we really want to get the Bull Redfish scene underway. With water temps still over 80degrees, it may just be a little while longer. A couple of days ago, I noticed some fluid leaking from the engine area and the boat is now in drydock until early this coming week. Hopefully by Tuesday we will be back at it, and if not hooking up on Reds, most certainly on some other species that are as thick as thieves in our waters right now. Thank goodness the regular season for baseball is mercifully over, and my Orioles managed to finish a staggering 60 games out of first. Still looking for that silver lining. Hope Y’all enjoy the weekend and get a chance to go wet a line!

Saturday September 22

After a couple weeks of downtime due to hurricane Florence and the Governors idiotic decision to request a mandatory evacuation of the island, we got back to business this past week. I enjoyed brushing off the cobwebs of the golf clubs and getting some fun surf to ride on, but it was back to business as usual and while we stayed busy and active, it remained very one dimensional with plenty of 100-200lb Sharks cruising with the shrimp trawlers, and their smaller counterparts in the nearshore river-mouths and estuaries. We tried for the Bull Redfish a couple of days but with water temps still in the low 80″s, the Sharks don’t seem to be in a hurry to vacate the area, and why would they with so much food source in the area. What we need is some cooler weather and cooler water currents that will bring in more Redfish and force out all the Teeth. I was very happy to see the schools of Mullet that are returning and saw thousands of them being blown up by dolphins and Blacktips as they cruised along the beach. Mullet are Bull Reds favorite food, and if the weather would just cool down some, the fishing will really start to turn on. Unfortunately, 90 degree temps are forecasted for the coming week which means any Redfish that are here will be competing with the Sharks for another week or so. The good news is that we will be keeping the rods bent and the action will be steady.  Keep hope alive! October is just around the corner.

Tuesday September 11th

Last week we fished 2 days and they were both smashing successes. Plenty of Big Blacktips well over 100lbs and even a couple of Lemon Sharks that topped out at nearly 200lbs. Lots of top water action with plenty of aerial acrobatics. This week however it is all about the surf. Some fun waist high fore runners with larger surf due over the next couple of days. By the end of the week, high winds and possibly large amounts of rainfall will be in our area and depending on the track of hurricane Florence, this really bad weather event could be with us into early next week. The professional’s at the weather channel haven’t figured things out, so I wont try making a prediction, other than to say that lots of high winds and excessive rain fall is not conducive for fishing. There you have it. Everyone stay safe and hopefully I will offer an inspiring fishing forecast early next week.  Try to stay high and dry.

Monday September 2nd

Happy Labor Day . The Summer season has unofficially come to a close, and the last weekend of the season was as good as it gets for action. The last couple of weeks brought a lot of friendly folks from up North to the area as well as families with kids who don’t have to be in school till after the holiday. We kept the younger ones busy with small Hammer and Bonnet Head Sharks as well as tons of Whiting, Croaker, and even some Spanish Mackerel that found their way into our inshore waters. We also caught several nice Jacks that came within casting distance of the boat. This weekend though put us back behind the Shrimp Trawlers with the older kids and adults opting for some larger specimens.  Those Shrimpers usually don’t disappoint and the action was off the charts. Nearly every Blacktip Shark we hooked up was well over 100lbs and several came within 200lbs. Some of them did their best Tarpon impersonation with leaps and spins 8ft into the air time and time again all while corkscrewing and backflipping to our delight. We brought a couple of Bull Sharks along side the boat that were well over 250lbs and nearly 7ft in length that just reinforced the rule of not swimming in the water when Shrimp boats are present. I think the next few weeks will offer more of the same, along with a possibility of seeing more Mackerel, Jacks, and even a school or two of Tarpon in our inshore waters, before they head south next month as water temps begin to lower. The Bull Redfish scene will slowly start to increase by months end and then most everyone’s favorite time of the year will be in effect. October and November are just around the corner so its time to tune up the spinning reels and get ready for another Redfish season. Thanks for checking us out. Have a Blessed day and tight lines!