Sunday July 30

It was a really fun last week, for the most part, until the breeze set in on Thursday. The flat ocean canvas allowed us to spend a morning at a nearshore reef and we stayed busy on ultra-lite tackle for Spanish Mackerel that was fast paced and non-stop. We even hooked a couple of Kings that spooled us within 5 seconds of hook-up. Happens when you bring knife to gunfight. We mostly drifted behind the Shrimp trawlers off Dafauskie island with top-water baits the rest of the week and were rewarded with many double hook-ups on Sharks ranging from 50-100lbs. However, we didn’t catch any of the Bigger Beast that weigh nearly 200lbs, and that was a surprise to me because of all the trawlers stirring things up. This coming week offers more of the same, but with the tides on the increase due to the moon phase, timing will be even more important to successful fishing. Have a Happy and Blessed Holiday week.

Thursday June 20th

Over the last couple of weeks, we have enjoyed some really great trips on the water, despite the ever presence of thunderstorms that have kept us on our toes and glued to the local radar. We fished a nearshore reef several times and stayed busy with top-water action for Spanish Mackerel and even a few Kings. It was really good every trip out there, and reminded me of years past when fishing action was like that nearly everyday at the reef. With shrimp season underway, we have spent many hours drifting behind the trawlers targeting Large Sharks on the surface. While the Shrimpers are busy stocking up on produce for the local restaurants, we are enjoying putting Big Sharks in the air and listening to the reels drags scream. It’s casual fishing, yet filled with exciting moments. For the youngest of anglers, we are catching lots of small Sharks as well as miscellaneous little fish such as Croaker,Blues,Whiteing and others in more sheltered areas with calm water surroundings. There is my report, and the forecast pretty much stays the same as the past couple of weeks, Mother-Nature allowing. Thanks for checking us out.

Saturday June 1st

Last week was a really good week for fishing. Calm winds and a glassy ocean made it irresistible not to head out a few miles and do some top water surface fishing. Armed with mostly light tackle Trout rods, we caught many Spanish Mackerel over several days. All of the fish were 3-5lbs and a very rewarding challenge. We did encounter several King Mackerel that smoked the small spinning reels and emptied the line plum out. That’s what happens when knives are brought to gunfights. The bite was on fire all week until late in the week when the wind wouldn’t allow us to fish in comfort. We stayed inshore Friday and caught a dozen or more Black Drum while trying to hook up on some Redfish. Oh well. This morning we had a glassy high tide and decided to birddog the nearshore Shrimp trawlers. Needless to say, the top water action for those high jumping Black Tips didn’t disappoint. The next several days are gonna be hot in both air temps and fishing action I believe. By midweek the weather becomes an issue and we can just hope for the best. Thanks for taking the time to check out my report. Tight Lines to You and Yours.