From the backwater creeks to where ocean waters meet (and sometimes further), Mighty Mako Sport Fishing Charters provides a rewarding and memorable outing on the water.

Please take a moment to browse my web site and learn about the exciting Sport Fishing adventures aboard The Mighty Mako!

~Capt. Dave Fleming

Mighty_Mako_Bring_Your_FriendsAll fishing charters are “personalized” and “customized” in order to meet each group of anglers’ needs and desires.
Mighty_Mako_Fishing_FunWhether experienced fishermen/women or novices, each trip is designed with you in mind.
Mighty_Mako_Fishing_With_WildcatsThere is plenty of cooler space for drinks and snacks, as well as storage space for clothing, cameras, personal items, etc. Ice, bait, and tackle supplied – just add anglers.
Mighty_Mako_Dolphins_As_A_BonusAdded Bonus – Dolphin Sightings!

Fishing inshore/nearshore waters not only means more fishing time and calm/comfortable surroundings, but also light tackle and large fish.
More Fish means More Fun!

The only prerequisite is the desire to

The Mako fishes with live bait, as well as various artificial lures, and uses quality, well-maintained spin and conventional light tackle. I endorse the practice of “catch and release”, but will gladly keep and clean some fish for your dinner. When traveling to and from the fishing grounds you can enjoy the pristine surroundings while getting an intimate encounter with many of the areas marine inhabitants.

I realize that spending hundereds of $$ to go fishing ain’t gas and groceries, therefore I put 100% of my energy into each and every charter.
I enjoy taking fishermen/women of all skill levels. The only prerequisite is the desire to catch fish and have fun.

Kids HAVE A BLAST on the Mighty Mako!

I especially enjoy introducing children to the joys of fishing. I instruct them on the fundamentals and teach them the proper angling techniques. I answers all questions with enthusiasm as well as describe the delicate ecosystem and it’s marine inhabitants.

The pristine waters, lowcountry scenery, marine life, and most of all GREAT FISHING are all part of the enjoyable experience one has while aboard the Mighty Mako.